A Complete List of all articles I’ve written.

Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 2)

A Dog’s Life

I can, can I?

Introduce Yourself with Style

My Little Pom 

Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 1)

Simple & Classy



From your Future-self

#TwentyThree: Life of a Fil-Chi

#TwentyThree: The Beginning

#PiliPinasDebates2016: Choosing the Right Leader

5 Lessons: Pacquiao & the LGBT Issue


New Beginning

Holiday Lessons & Happiness

The Ramen Craze Part 2

The Ramen Craze Part 1

Singapore & Malaysia Getaway Part 2

Singapore & Malaysia Getaway Part 1


Life & Ley: Everything and More


The After-College Bites

Habit Four: Think Win-Win

The 5 Secrets of Friendship

Internet Marketing & Online Businesses

Going Green

Life After College: 5 Things You Realize

5 Things You Should Realize on Valentine’s Day

2013: A Year of Happiness

The Christmas Blog 2013

Life & Ley: The Reality of Jobs

Life & Ley: Social Networking Sites and Me

Life & Ley: Lessons and Happiness

Life & Ley: The Philippines According to Juan

Life & Ley: The Gadget-Holic Century

Life & Ley: Fad and Fabulous!

Life & Ley: Entrepreneurship, why study it?

Life & Ley

The Red Journey: Memories

The Red Journey: Senior Days

The Red Journey: Responsibility

The Red Journey: Junior Months

The Red Journey: Leadership

The Red Journey: Sophomore Year

The Red Journey: Friendship

The Red Journey: A Path of Finding Myself

What Makes Life Worth Living?

A Mother’s Unconditional Love

To Vote or Not to Vote

Life as How You Want it to be | Chapter 2

Life as How You Want it to Be

Fitting in the Missing Puzzle Piece

A Trip to Remember (photo blog)

Back from the Past: The Contradictory View of Science & Religion

Back from the Past: Poverty in the Phillipines

Back from the Past

Start the Year Right

The Thing About the Past

Happy 2013

The Importance of Seeing the BIGGER Picture

Strategy is Survival

Human Resource: A Long-Term Strategy

The Importance of Human Resource towards Corporate Success

Blogging 101

Respect: One Word, Thousand Meaning

Manufacturing Makes the World Go Round

Supply Chain: A Weapon For Success

Life After Death

A New Milestone

Quality in the Modern World

How Quality Changed Japan

Curiosity Meets Success

10 things to love about Cheetorique

What’s with Reputation?

We are what we think We are

Life is a Survival of the Fittest

PS: I love You

Happiness is Worth Struggling

Why Entrepreneurship?

Ten Things to Live By

Playing Safe: The most Dangerous of them all

Creating the Brand Inside You

An Impossible Dream?

Back to Basics: What is Gross Domestic Product?

Back to Basics: What is Inflation?

Back to Basics: What Constitutes Unemployment?



Indescribable Things

Change: Something that Everyone should Really Develop

My First Great Experiences

A Christmas Blog: 2011

Christmas Blog: Teaser

Judgement, Judgement…Why so TOUGH?

50 Ways to Cope with STRESS

10 Most Favorite Things

Writing is a Journey

Big Things Starts Small

Quotes of Inspiration to Live By

Ingredient 5: Time Management – Prioritizing

Going Asian, Part One

First Up!

Food Blog: The Beginning

Ingredient 4: Open Up

The One Minute Entrepreneur

Ingredient 3: Attitude

Habit Three: Put First Things First

Habit Two: Begin with the End in Mind

Ingredient 2: Be Achievement Oriented

Habit One: Be Proactive

Ingredient 1: Courage

Why is College Important?

Challenges at High School

The Inside Out

A Sure Success: Well Executed Marketing Plan

Marketing Can Make a Difference

Erroneous Thoughts gone: the Right Path to Success

Marketing from the Past

Understanding Marketing Better

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