10 Great BGC Restos to go Solo

We’ve all been through Valentine’s Day with a mindset of having someone to celebrate it with. That’s why it has always been a stereotype that it’s the day where all the single ladies (and gents) are most bitter of (ever). Well, not those single people out there who are happy and contented with or without…Read more 10 Great BGC Restos to go Solo


18 4 2018

1. 2018 is probably one of the most life-changing year for me, so far. This is the year that I’ll choose myself not because I have to, but because I deserve it. 2. This is going to be the year to start new things; things that I haven’t tried before. Things that I’ve always been…Read more 18 4 2018

Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 2)

Who would not love ramen in this cold rainy weather? Ramen has been a hype in the Philippines and a lot of Ramen places are a sure hit these days! But did you know that we found this ramen place in Little Tokyo that is definitely a must try! Okay, so I've already posted some…Read more Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 2)


A Dog’s Life

Last year, I shared you guys my baby, Gucci. It was from my article entitled: "My Little Pom" and up to date, my baby has grown (he's now 1 year and three months old) and I'm just so happy and proud of what he's become. At 6 months I was able to potty train him,…Read more A Dog’s Life


Life & Ley: Lessons and Happiness

Life is an inspiration, It gives you the meaning of determination. It makes you feel excited, It keeps you feeling contented. - There may be some circumstances, There may be lots of stress. But that's the way life goes, And it's something no one really knows. - Live the chances you get, Learn the lessons…Read more Life & Ley: Lessons and Happiness



ENDING Ending is often misunderstood as done, It is always thought of as opportunity forgone. Seen as hopes and dreams a waste, Believed as failure put to haste. Reality has always its ending, You’ll never know when you’re dying. Do all the things with love, Make yourself stand out above. Learn to live the life…Read more Ending


Writing is a Journey

Writing is a journey, That a person travels along. An inspiration where you’ll just belong. A song that keeps singing from the midst of your despair, A light that travels million miles that makes you feel on air. A road where there are many choices, A path that will lead to success. Writing is a…Read more Writing is a Journey