A Dog’s Life

Last year, I shared you guys my baby, Gucci. It was from my article entitled: "My Little Pom" and up to date, my baby has grown (he's now 1 year and three months old) and I'm just so happy and proud of what he's become. At 6 months I was able to potty train him,…Read more A Dog’s Life


The Importance of Seeing the BIGGER Picture

The environment speaks on behalf of the market: this is something that every strategist should bear in mind. That is how important and tedious environmental scanning should be before making any decision and strategies. Of course, as entrepreneurs, the best way to start a business is to look for market niche: an environment where the…Read more The Importance of Seeing the BIGGER Picture

Supply Chain: A Weapon for Success

Every business needs a well-managed supply chain to be able to cope up with the advancements and competition in the business world today. It is even believed that a “Competitor that’s best at managing the supply chain is probably going to be the most successful competitor of all time” according to Owens, former CEO of…Read more Supply Chain: A Weapon for Success