10 Great BGC Restos to go Solo

We’ve all been through Valentine’s Day with a mindset of having someone to celebrate it with. That’s why it has always been a stereotype that it’s the day where all the single ladies (and gents) are most bitter of (ever). Well, not those single people out there who are happy and contented with or without…Read more 10 Great BGC Restos to go Solo


18 4 2018

1. 2018 is probably one of the most life-changing year for me, so far. This is the year that I’ll choose myself not because I have to, but because I deserve it. 2. This is going to be the year to start new things; things that I haven’t tried before. Things that I’ve always been…Read more 18 4 2018

A Dog’s Life

Last year, I shared you guys my baby, Gucci. It was from my article entitled: "My Little Pom" and up to date, my baby has grown (he's now 1 year and three months old) and I'm just so happy and proud of what he's become. At 6 months I was able to potty train him,…Read more A Dog’s Life


Habit Four: Think Win-Win

Habit Four: Think Win-Win Leadership is not defined by the number of people who follows you or who is not underneath your authority but more of the values that you have put and influenced upon them. Habit four speaks of the different approach on interpersonal leadership, building relationship with others. In order for you to…Read more Habit Four: Think Win-Win


Habit Three: Put First Things First

Have you ever had this situation where you were not able to set your goals on what to do or prioritize which of which should be done first, then at the end it seemed like you have accomplished nothing? Because of the advancement of how people work nowadays, it seemed like there isn’t time for…Read more Habit Three: Put First Things First


Habit Two: Begin with the End in Mind

When I was young, I usually wondered what would my life be when I grow up, and where would I be afterlife. As what my family and friends said, I was so mature when it comes to thinking that kind of stuff for kids at my age. But seriously, I was really curious during those…Read more Habit Two: Begin with the End in Mind


Ingredient # 2: Be Achievement-Oriented

Remember the ingredient one? Being courageous is important especially for you to be able to socialize and make friends with your classmates. A little approach wouldn’t hurt your pride. You would be able to get some new friends as soon as you opened your mouth and showed who you are. If you were able to…Read more Ingredient # 2: Be Achievement-Oriented