I suddenly had this idea of writing a birthday article (yes, today is my birthday) and it’s by far the quickest and most impromptu article I’ve written here. Now, where do I begin? Let’s rewind from 8 years ago, I was at college that time when I had this vision of what would life…Read more Twenty-Five


Life Beyond Social Media

In a world where technological advancement is rapid, we have been so dependent to the internet world lately. We might not admit it but most of us depends on internet in so many things; from researches, to reading news articles, and of course, our social media applications. Our day-to-day lives revolve around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,…Read more Life Beyond Social Media

Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 2)

Who would not love ramen in this cold rainy weather? Ramen has been a hype in the Philippines and a lot of Ramen places are a sure hit these days! But did you know that we found this ramen place in Little Tokyo that is definitely a must try! Okay, so I've already posted some…Read more Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 2)

A Dog’s Life

Last year, I shared you guys my baby, Gucci. It was from my article entitled: "My Little Pom" and up to date, my baby has grown (he's now 1 year and three months old) and I'm just so happy and proud of what he's become. At 6 months I was able to potty train him,…Read more A Dog’s Life

I can, can I?

There is, was or will be a point in our life where we ask it to ourselves. Be it with a new role you're about to take, or a life-changing decision you have to make. Or even when you have decided to bring your relationship to a whole new level: "Can I?". It was the…Read more I can, can I?