#whereHCeats: Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen

How about starting the year with something new? Yup, you read it right! It is going to be a special year because we will be searching for some of the most interesting places for travels, food trips, and new adventures. It really is the time to start discovering new things and create wonderful memories! Our…Read more #whereHCeats: Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen

When is the Best Time to Let Go?

So yesterday, I posted an IG story (@harleychua) about writing an impromptu blog post with a topic or a question that you’d like to ask me or wanted me to write about, and although I may have received some funny questions and some that I don’t think I’m allowed to share (oops), I was asked…Read more When is the Best Time to Let Go?

I can, can I?

There is, was or will be a point in our life where we ask it to ourselves. Be it with a new role you're about to take, or a life-changing decision you have to make. Or even when you have decided to bring your relationship to a whole new level: "Can I?". It was the…Read more I can, can I?