The Red Journey: Memories

Chapter Eight: Memories As I took off the red toga as I was about to go out of the PICC, everything felt different. I recalled the first time I walked into the Red Den, home of the Red Lions, nervous of what this institution might bring me and result me into... now, I say, that…Read more The Red Journey: Memories

The Red Journey: Senior Days

Chapter Seven: Senior Days From our freshmen times, Sophomore Year, Junior Months, and now, Senior Days, things seem to feel like shorter as we almost reach the end of our college journey. We began to tell stories of how we were, and it seemed just like yesterday. All of the things that we have been…Read more The Red Journey: Senior Days

The Red Journey: Responsibility

Chapter Six: Responsibility Three years of college made me learn the real meaning of responsibility. From its own root word, ‘response’ and ‘ability’ from 'able', you must be able to respond from everything that is given to you, be it in family, friends, academics, organizations, teamwork and so on. You must always know how to…Read more The Red Journey: Responsibility

The Red Journey: Junior Months

Chapter 5: Junior Months “We’re officially Juniors!” as my friends and I excitedly said those phrases on the first day of third year college class, I began to realize how rapid time gets, especially when you have just began a journey of finding who you want to be, in my case. I realized that months…Read more The Red Journey: Junior Months

The Red Journey: Leadership

Chapter Four: Leadership Leadership is something that is not inborn but can be developed. As a person grows, he begins to develop the leadership within him, and only those lucky ones can prove themselves worthy of being a leader through series of action and of course, a great outcome. During my high school days, I…Read more The Red Journey: Leadership

The Red Journey: Sophomore Year

Chapter Three: Sophomore Year Wow! It has been a year, look how time flies... Now, I am a sophomore, no more forced stuffs on certain subjects freshmen students used to experience (ha-ha oh yes!), we are not a newbie anymore and finally, it is another year of challenge. And I’ve never been ready for it…Read more The Red Journey: Sophomore Year

The Red Journey: Friendship

CHAPTER 2: Friendship Friendship, as what they say, is something that is hard to find. If you’re going to look at quantity, some people would not agree that it is hard to find at all, but when quality is what you’re aimed at, that is where true friendship falls on. Being on a new journey,…Read more The Red Journey: Friendship

The Red Journey: A Path of Finding Myself

They say, there's nothing better than reminiscing good old times... Well, if there's one thing that comes into my mind (right now) when I reminisce things,  it's my college days, oh those roller coaster college times we had that I enjoyed the most: happiness, sadness, a little bit of bitterness but it's always a good…Read more The Red Journey: A Path of Finding Myself