#PiliPinasDebates2016: Choosing the Right Leader

Few months before the most awaited National Elections on May 2016, the first National Debate was held and hosted by GMA7 in partnership with Philippine Daily Inquirer The official hashtag of the event #PiliPinasDebates2016 trended worldwide on Twitter and amassed a huge volume of reaction from netizens in Social Media all over the world. It…Read more #PiliPinasDebates2016: Choosing the Right Leader

Internet Marketing & Online Businesses

Internet Marketing and Online Businesses As the world advance towards technology, the use of the internet has opened opportunities not only for socialization purposes and research, but also for different businesses and transactions. Indeed, there isn’t a thing internet could not do these days. There is no other way that a person could do his…Read more Internet Marketing & Online Businesses

Marketing Can Make A Difference

Through the different blogs that I’ve written, we have already met several authors who shared their theories and thoughts of what marketing is all about. After Philip Kotler stated the importance of the three consciousness and axioms which gave the people’s confusion of Marketing belonging to a business and non-business area an understanding, J.B McKitterick’s…Read more Marketing Can Make A Difference

Erroneous Thoughts Gone: The Right Path to Success

Being an entrepreneur, have you ever wondered if you correctly distinguished the type of business that you are engaged in?  Don’t you know that the wrong understanding of your own business and the industry where it belongs might be the reason of its failure? That is one of the problems that Theodore Levitt is trying…Read more Erroneous Thoughts Gone: The Right Path to Success