Limitless How many times have you been told that you can’t do something? When you tell people that you want to do this and do that and become this and become that someday, and they just laugh at you and tell you that you just can’t do it. Well, there will always be some who…Read more Limitless

The 5 Secrets of Friendship

The 5 Secrets of Friendship There’s a point in life where you’ll find people who are for keeps. They are those who’ve known you, for some, for many years now or even those who’ve stayed with you through ups and downs. Although there are actually no ‘requirements’ for you to be friends with someone, but…Read more The 5 Secrets of Friendship

Life after College: 5 Things You Realize

Life after College: 5 Things You Realize Obviously, it has always been every college student’s dream to graduate. Yes, imagining themselves walking down the aisle, wearing their alma mater’s toga and seen by their proud parents and loved ones. It seems like college life ends right there. All the school stuff, exams, research papers and…Read more Life after College: 5 Things You Realize

5 Things you should realize on Valentine’s Day

I’m sure some have experienced being taken or having a ‘taken’ friend getting excited over Valentine’s Day. Whether where they are going to spend it, wondering what surprises awaits for her, from chocolates and sweet treats, bouquets of flowers, big and cuddly teddy bears to other gimmicks to whatever her boyfriend has in mind for…Read more 5 Things you should realize on Valentine’s Day

The Christmas Blog 2013

There comes a point in life where everything is a swift away. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself ending up with things you never thought that would happen. Regret, misery and depression comes next. Soon, you will start questioning what the meaning of your life is. Every year, everyone go through a lot of things that tests…Read more The Christmas Blog 2013

What makes life worth living?

Life is something that is so mysterious that you'd have to go on miles and miles just to find yourself... like what they used to say, it's a mystery that you will find joy with when you are able to live it right. But many of us wonder, how do you live life right? What…Read more What makes life worth living?

A Mother’s Unconditional Love

... “Two decades ago, a child was born, a child that truly enlightened a radiant flower. The flower was so beautiful that everyone loved. She was a smart woman, opinionated, idealistic, and proactive and most importantly, a fighter. She has always believed in giving more than what she can, and so the love that she…Read more A Mother’s Unconditional Love

Life as How You Want it to Be | Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The importance of Trust... The same thing happens when miseries exists and you don't know what to do... At some point in our lives, we want to change ourselves, but a part of us tells us different. That part of us fears that if we change, we might not end up where we…Read more Life as How You Want it to Be | Chapter 2