And Then It Happened

It has just been over a year and yet so much has changed. Just when I thought 2019 was by far my worst year, here comes 2020. I’ve pretty much stepped back from writing for the last fifteen months coz writing brings back so much memories, and I’m honestly not sure whether I’m ready to…Read more And Then It Happened

Cooking Tips by HC

So I’ve posted my “Cooking with HC” vlog on my IGTV last week and received lots of great feedback! Thank you for your continued support and I hope you guys continue watching my IGTV vlogs. ❤️ One of the feedback I got is that they wanted to know some cooking tips that I can share.…Read more Cooking Tips by HC

#HCFinds: Making Celebrations Extra with WHISKIES – Teeling and William Lawson’s!

Filipinos are one of the happiest people in the world. With several traditions and festivities in our culture, it is certain that nothing beats Filipino celebrations where we only serve our best dishes, and our most well-kept and finest bottles of Scotch and Irish whiskies. Celebrations are definitely better with good company and quality whiskey. And quality does not…Read more #HCFinds: Making Celebrations Extra with WHISKIES – Teeling and William Lawson’s!

#HCfinds: 5 Fave Budget-Friendly Foodtrip Places in BGC

Bonifacio Global City or “BGC” is without a doubt one of the most fast-growing business-centric city in the Metro these days. With several multi-national companies and businesses that are currently situated in the heart of Taguig City, opportunities and demand for jobs just keep on growing day by day. Aside from its business-centric side, BGC…Read more #HCfinds: 5 Fave Budget-Friendly Foodtrip Places in BGC

Twenty Six

There comes a point in life where you’ll realize that everything has changed. From how you used to live life, to your perspective of different things. These changes may come little by little like a puzzle piece, where every piece makes you feel closer to knowing what you really want to do with your life…Read more Twenty Six

The Person that You are Meant to be

I guess it’s true that you’ll only realize what you’re missing until it’s gone. You’ll only get to know the value of something or someone when none of it matters anymore. And oftentimes, we regret letting go of things that we took granted of in the beginning. I’ve always wanted to grow up fast when…Read more The Person that You are Meant to be

What does it take to Love?

They say that to love and be loved is the best feeling in the world. And as cheesy as it seems, love is ubiquitously that one thing that everyone has within, in his or her own way of interpretation. But what does it really mean to love someone? Does hurting the people you love count?…Read more What does it take to Love?