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Welcome to harleychua.com!


To write is to express yourself freely.” This has always been my point of view on what writing is all about. I have always been a fan of reading books, articles, and journals that one day I realized that I wanted to be an author too, someday. I want to have my own works too. But as of now, a self-made blog is good.


I am not perfect, nobody is. I now ask my readers one thing: to respect the things which I write. It may not be acceptable for some. But I believe these works will touch some of your lives, as it touched and influenced mine.

This blog is all about the author’s personal experiences, opinions, and learning on different things. Hoping that these writings would make a difference of its readers’ view.



These are all written originally by the author himself, some photographs, however is not from the author but is used for further viewing of each blog entry. Credits of the photos are given to the owner.



Thank you very much and enjoy reading my blog!