And Then It Happened

It has just been over a year and yet so much has changed. Just when I thought 2019 was by far my worst year, here comes 2020. I’ve pretty much stepped back from writing for the last fifteen months coz writing brings back so much memories, and I’m honestly not sure whether I’m ready to be back at it. I lost a loved one mid last year, and it was the second most painful feeling that I’ve felt since 2012. But pain is tricky; it has its way of making you feel hurt and motivated at the same time. It has its way of making one change; either for the better or for the worst; and it has its way of making one appreciate the things they never even knew that was there all along.

Year by year, we look forward to a great beginning. It’s this time of the year where everyone has all their hopes up, setting their new year’s resolutions, and basically excited to face a new year with whatever lies ahead. I was looking forward to it, too. I wanted a restart from all the stress that 2019 had caused me.

And then it happened; 2020 came and it was a catastrophe. No one really saw that the pandemic would be this big and would really distress a lot, globally. Some were worried and scared, while others didn’t believe in it until the impact came in little by little, affecting and changing the way we live our ‘everydays’. Everyone is struggling in coping up with this ‘new normal’ that is slowly affecting our livelihood, the economy, and our physical & mental health. Jobs were cut, businesses were down, and probably the worst part is that lives were lost.

People feel pain in different ways each day and we all have our own coping mechanisms. This pandemic truly caused a lot of pain; physically, mentally, and emotionally. We may feel tired once in a while and just feel like wanting to give up, but giving up at this time is not an option. You see, losing the things or people we love do hurt, but life does not stop there. And we shouldn’t let this pandemic stop our lives too.

Turn that pain into motivation; motivation to be productive with what you like doing or what you would want to do more. Learn new skills; try cooking some dishes you’ve always wanted to do, try reading some books you have at home and see if you can understand it more now than the first time you’ve read it; try continuing your fitness journey by enrolling at online exercise classes; or maybe try to come up with things you can easily make at home and sell it online as an additional income. There are limitless things you can be productive at, and countless of opportunities to make yourself better, even at home.

And the silver lining of this pandemic, if there is any, is that it has taught everyone to pause for a while and appreciate the most important thing that we can never bring back; time. Being on lockdown and not being able to go out made people appreciate the presence of family, that bonding where everyone is just at home, all together watching movies or playing board and video games, those are some things that some of us might be guilty of not being able to do back when everything else was too busy. I personally had the time to try dishes that is new to me, renovate my room (all posted on my IGTV), and play with my fur babies almost all day on weekends, which I never really got to do before since I was always out.

Remember when I said on my opening statement that 2019 was my worst year? Ironically, it also had some of the bests, from stepping up my game and engaging more on my social media platform, to entering collaboration with several wonderful brands, being able to be given the opportunity to express my craft and passion in a TV guesting with one of the biggest networks in the country, going out of country to travel   and explore new culture, and most importantly, having the support system that I need from my loved ones; all of those experiences and the trust that was given to me, made me the stronger person that I am today.

Maybe some things were meant to happen, to make us realize the Yin and Yang of life, that there will always be hardships and pain and chaos, before we get to put things in order and fix ourselves for the better. Let our new normal begin with us appreciating the good things more than lingering on the bad, living our lives more without sacrificing our health, and focusing more on things that matters most. 2020 might be my worst year now, but I’m positively looking forward to its turn-arounds anytime soon.

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