Cooking Tips by HC

So I’ve posted my “Cooking with HC” vlog on my IGTV last week and received lots of great feedback! Thank you for your continued support and I hope you guys continue watching my IGTV vlogs. ❤️

One of the feedback I got is that they wanted to know some cooking tips that I can share. And since I am yet to announce my next vlog (soon), I won’t be able to do another vlog just yet so I’ll just post a blog about this then.

A lot of you know how passionate I am with food – trying out new restaurants and food trip places, and of course, creating my home-made recipies, and cooking! I have already posted several pictures of the dishes I cooked before for my family and they are actually one of my biggest supporters who always finishes it and says that it tastes good. Here are some of my tips for easy cooking:

Tip # 1 – Groceries and Storing

Buy only the right amount of ingredients that you’ll need for a dish. Storing too much in your ref will only hinder you from using fresh ingredients and it will be more prone to spoilage. At home, we do groceries weekly and ensure that the previous week’s bought items are consumed timely. It’s also important to store them properly so that shelf-life is prolonged. I normally store fruits and vegetables inside an air-tight container to prolong its shelf-life and maintain its freshness. Keeping meats frozen is always a must so as not to trigger the meat from producing bacterias.

Tip # 2 – Preparation prior Cooking

This is probably one of my hatest part before – preparing the ingredients which includes skin removing, chopping, and mincing, since it is very time consuming. But I came to realize that it is also crucial to make time in preparing the ingredients so that you won’t miss anything. Also, ensure that your sub-ingredients are proportionly cut for that dish, and the right amount is used.

Tip # 3 – Electric vs. Gas Stove Cooking

At home, we both have the electric and gas stove and although Manang (our cook) usually uses the gas stove, I personally prefer the electric stove especially when cooking small amount of dishes. I normally use gas stove when cooking big amounts of food like whenever I cook for Christmas dinner, birthdays and the like, but I use electric when cooking steaks and lamb chops because heat is evenly distributed, it cooks the meat perfectly, and it does not easily burn the meat.

Tip # 4 – Seasonings and Measurements

Unlike baking where exact measurement of ingredients are a must, cooking can always be adjusted, depending on how you want it to taste like. I personally am not a fan of exact measurements when cooking just like my grandmother, because she believes that the taste of the dish depends on the palate of the one cooking or the people who will eat it. That’s why it’s very important to know whom you’ll be cooking for and how they want it done so that you can adjust your cooking measurements. Nonetheless, following recipes are also okay if you want the dish’s standard taste.

Tip # 5 – Presentation

What better way to make them know how good you cook than presenting it well. A good presentation is always a must especially on special occations – it will leave a good impression of course! But it doesn’t always have to be extravagant. A simple clean plating with greens sprinkled on top or on the side is okay.

Tip # 6 – Cooking for Newbies

Cooking is not as hard as how some thinks of it. You just need the right ingredients, follow the instructions and you’re off to a great start. I was once afraid to cook because I had the fear that something’s going to happen like I might get burned or I might cut my fingers off, but nothing happened really except I started enjoying what I’m doing. I’m very sure that once you get the hang of cooking, you’ll slowly learn its ins-and-outs and you’ll be able create your own recipes and twists on dishes in no time. You just have to start from somewhere like how I started mine – making my first sunny side up!

Can’t wait to share more recipes to you on my other upcoming “Cooking with HC” vlogs! Posting them soon so watch out!

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