My Time of the Year

Eleven blog posts after, I’m now down to my last one for 2018. It has been a year since my last article for 2017 was published, and who would have thought that it turned out to be my ultimate plot twist to make this year the best one yet.

January – Was a little too late to post this on the same month but nonetheless it was my 2018 starter article, listing down all my realisations and setting my goals for the year.

February – Pushed myself into overcoming one of my greatest fears ever since I was a kid, and that is being alone and doing things alone. And it felt greater than winning a lottery when I finally got to go to different places alone without being insecure.

March – Published an article close to my heart, shared my challenges and struggles during my weight-loss journey and how self-motivation helped me overcome it, proving that being in the right mindset will always keep you going.

April – Answered an interesting #AskHC question – “When is the best time to let go?” Sometimes, the things we hold onto tend to hurt us even more. It takes time to heal but it’s a huge step towards moving on to better things ahead.

May – Finally enjoying my “me-times” and getting the hang of doing things alone. Life may have had some good and bad times, but the best thing about it is that it goes on. Just continue living and doing the things that makes you happy.

June – Shared some of my Taiwan food trip adventures! It’s always fun to discover new things and go to places that I’ve never been to. Another bucket list checked and I think I should do it more often!

July – Getting my hopes up as I published my Rainbow article. It was such an unforgettable experience for me to finally understand what lies at the end of the rainbow and how it depicts one’s determination and getting through each of our “little rains”.

August – Shared my humble beginnings as we celebrate’s 8th anniversary! Felt it was just like yesterday when I first aspired to write and share to people good things to ponder.

September – Let’s talk about love, understanding it, and what it takes to love someone. But before you love someone, it should start with yourself and knowing the love that you are capable of giving.

October – Had a few realisations of how time really flies and how we often take it for granted and look at things by how we want instead of living and embracing what life has in store for each and everyone of us.

November – Always my time of the year, my birthday month! Yes, Twenty Six and proud to say that I’m still continuing to grow into a better person as I go along, making new discoveries about myself, meeting more people, and creating wonderful new memories.

And as we end December, I’m so proud to say that I’m now ready to take on new challenges, widen my horizons, build more opportunities and grow further as 2019 comes and gives us its purpose. This time, it is truly a NEW year; I’ve never felt this excited because I know that this year will be different.

May your 2019 be the best one yet!

Love, HC.

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