Twenty Six

There comes a point in life where you’ll realize that everything has changed. From how you used to live life, to your perspective of different things. These changes may come little by little like a puzzle piece, where every piece makes you feel closer to knowing what you really want to do with your life at this time.

As we grow older, we learn that not everything is meant to stay; not everything is worth the efforts you put into; not everyone is going to be true to you and stay; and there might still be things that will hurt you along the way.

Yes, life isn’t as perfect as those of the fairytales where everyone gets their happy ending. Reality speaks only the truth – and that is you defining your own happiness and working towards into making it happen.

Twenty six years of existence brought me so much life experiences that I never imagined I’d encounter and overcome. From my fear of failure as a child to me being extremely introvert and always afraid to speak up for myself, from my failures that haunted me for years, and the pain that the people I’ve loved caused me.

One of the best things I learned from life is that for you to move forward, you have to accept your past. You can never go back and undo things, but you can move forward and make things right. Learn to forgive everything that has caused you pain and also learn to forgive yourself because you deserve to move on without that baggage that you are carrying.

Channel all the negativities that people throw at you, from all the times that you’ve been left hurting to the moments where you’ve felt forgotten. Turn that pain into the power that will fuel you to shine brighter and become the better version of yourself.

There’s so much more to life than just focusing on the bad, the hatred, and the pain. Focus on the lessons, the learnings, and the good instead for it’s what gives meaning to life.

They say that age doesn’t define maturity. It might not, but it speaks for how long have we been living in this world – and how we make the most out of this temporary world we are in. Let the gift of life given to us be the reason for us to grow better each day.

I’ll always treasure everything that has ever happened to me no matter how good or bad it made me feel; simply because I choose to live the life that is meant to make me stronger and wiser as I go along.

Cheers to my twenty sixth challenge; I’m looking forward to learning more from life.

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