What does it take to Love?

They say that to love and be loved is the best feeling in the world. And as cheesy as it seems, love is ubiquitously that one thing that everyone has within, in his or her own way of interpretation.

But what does it really mean to love someone? Does hurting the people you love count? Or is love worth fighting for and giving your whole world to, even if there’s nothing left for you?

A person’s capability to love is not defined by the number of relationships that he has been to, or the things that he could give, but how far is he willing to take, efforts that he is willing to make and chances that’s always at stake in order to be with the one that he loves most.

People say that love is true when it’s unconditional. But it should be realistic enough to set that boundary between loving someone and loving yourself. Often times, our perception of love comes with meeting the right person that completes you; it has always been dependent with another person when it shouldn’t be, to begin with.

That feeling you get whenever you are alone is how you feel about yourself – and the more afraid you are, the more that you deprive yourself of love; it’s the relationship that you should focus on building. You cannot love someone if you are not brave enough to love yourself first.

To love means being braver than you think you already are. It’s about being stronger than the pain you’ve felt from the past, and wiser than you were yesterday.

To love someone means staying in love with each other no matter what. It’s about giving importance to the value of trust and loyalty. It’s about creating memories everyday – cherishing the good ones and learning from the bad. It’s about understanding your differences and accepting changes.

People come into this world through the product of love. It’s what adds meaning to our lives and makes it colourful as we go on. It changes us for the better and prepares us for the worst. Love always makes us the better version of ourselves.

We cannot undo what or who we have loved, but the best thing is that we have loved and will continue to love. After all, it is what “happily ever afters” are made of.

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