There are two things that life gives you everyday – things that you can’t do anything about and things that you can change. But it’s really up to you to decide which one is which.

I’ve had quite a handful share of things gone wrong, mishaps, and deceptions myself. I’d normally keep it to myself because I didn’t feel like sharing them to anyone, even to those I’m close with; afraid that I’d be judged or thought of as the one who made the mistake, I simply didn’t want everyone to look at me negatively of anything.

Everything seemed pretty fine until there was a time that it felt like everything was pointless, it felt like all the things I’ve been trying to do, trying to maintain, and been trying to look perfect made me unhappy, simply because I knew it wasn’t. I’ve been trying to hold on to things that does not deserve my time and effort, and been avoiding the things that does.

Don’t let the things you can’t do anything about take so much of your time and effort that you fall completely out of your place trying to change it. It’s like wanting to swim in the sands, it will take you nowhere.

When I said that I wanted 2018 to be different for myself, there were two things that came into my mind that needs to be done. One was to get rid of the things that doesn’t deserve to stay, and the second was to put myself first and focus on the things that will make me happy this time.

And so I did what I needed to do and did things that I liked. It pretty much kept me happily busy that I never actually found the need to go back to the time where discontentment ate me whole and made me insecure and unconfident of myself. And for the first time, it felt like I was enough.

I always say how important self-love is, but to be able to love yourself, you must first learn self-contentment – being contented with yourself, with what you have, and what you don’t. Knowing within that you’re enough is probably one of the most wonderful feeling, and that relationship with yourself that you develop is something beyond compare.

Two thousand nine hundred and twenty two days ago, someone never thought that there will be a time that he’ll get this voice that could touch many lives. He was afraid and did not believed in himself, but he did not give up because he knew that it needed to change.

It took several years of bitter and sweet life experiences, piece by piece he used to build that trust, confidence, and love within through writing and sharing his passion. And it all paid off when people started giving wonderful words and shared positive thoughts on his works, and the rest was history.

Who would have thought that a blog-site intended for a college course eight years ago would turn my life around and give me that inspiration to write my life journeys and experiences to share to all of you ‘til today. And I’ll forever be grateful to everyone who has been by my side ever since.

This is by far the longest commitment I’ve been to and it has been really amazing and I’m looking forward to be sharing more to all of you as we go on.

Happy 8th, harleychua.com!

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