At the End of the Rainbow

I’ve always been fascinated on how rainbows are formed in an occurrence explained by science, where sunlight and raindrops combine and the white light from the rays that we often see suddenly bursts into different colours when hit by the drops at a different angle, at a different time.

Although there has been several myths about rainbows – that it’s believed to be a path between heaven and earth; some believes that angels are keeping tons of gold in it; some says that it’s the bowl that God used to hold his paint while colouring birds; and probably the most famous myth is that the end of the rainbow is where the leprechaun hides his pot of gold.

Just this month, my friends and I were on the road on our way home from an overnight beach trip. It was a long way drive, crossing several provinces from one to another. Soon, it began raining since the local news reported that there was an incoming storm. The rain continued to grow strong as we drive further and from a far, I saw a rainbow and was astonished by its beauty. I excitedly opened my phone camera and started taking pictures.

And as we drive, I realised that we are getting closer to it and I was so excited that I’ll get to not only see an actual rainbow in close-up, but also will be able to discover what lies at the end of a rainbow!

And there it was, the end of the rainbow. As we passed by it, there was no rain on the area where it landed its majestic rays. And after the rainbow, we were greeted by the clear blue skies.

Nope, there wasn’t any pot of gold nor angels with their golden treasures. Seeing it was priceless and enough, but what made me smile after was the fact that all those myths were not just myths, but were partly true after all. There was treasure, and it was the experience. The experience of getting to fully understand what each myth has been trying to tell us – that rainbows are far more than just gold and treasures, that they are more than just what science could explain.

Rainbows are epitomes of hope. They symbolise strength and rising up again after all the pain and difficulties you go through, similar with the famous saying “there’s a rainbow after always the storm”.

We often look at our problems and overthink too much that it sinks us further down to our own miseries. Maybe we are the reason why we are hurt after all because we forget to let it go from ourselves within. All the overthinking and all the pain must go. Because life is too beautiful to focus on the wrong things.

They say that no one sees the same rainbow than the other, maybe it’s because we all have our own rainbow that’s waiting to shine within. Make your rainbow as colourful as you can, treasure all the things that made you stronger, build that rainbow with wonderful memories and fill it up with love as you go along with life.

And when the rain gets harder and harder each day, make your rainbow shine brighter.



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