#HCeats: When in Taiwan

For those who’ve been my IG friends for the longest time, you guys all know that I’ve always been a passionate foodie – doing food blogs, reviews, sharing my most favorite restos, and the likes. And not only do I like sharing my thoughts and explore different restos, but I also love to cook. Maybe I can share some of my recipes should I decide to level up my blog and consider doing vlogs as well… let’s see. (calling those techy guys who knows video editing..LOL)

My blogsite will not be complete without a food blog entry and I couldn’t think of any place to kick off my first food blog for 2018 but Taiwan! You read it right, we’re going food trippin’ in Taiwan for my first #HCeats 2018 hashtag!

I’m pretty much sure that for those of you who’ve been to or heard of traveling to Taiwan, food trips are definitely a must, aside from going to the country’s famous landmarks and tourist spots. They basically have so many local delicacies that you should not miss taking a munch on upon going there because hello, food is life!

And when you say local delicacies in Taiwan, I’m not even talking about restaurants because most of their authentic Taiwanese food delicacies are just on the streets. I swear, there’s food everywhere and if you think you’re on a diet, might as well consider taking a break from it first.

Top 10 street finds in Taiwan

I personally had a hard time sorting pictures and choosing my top 10 because there were a lot! But finally got to decide which to post based on what I feel are the most unique of them all, because I know for a fact that some of the street food are already available elsewhere. Also, if you are looking for a food trip haven where you won’t have a hard time looking for varieties of street food, it’s best to explore their night markets.

10. Stinky Tofu 

This is probably one of the most well known street food in Taiwan, and the name literally speaks for itself. It really is stinky so it’s best to pair it up with some coriander or greens to divert its “stinkiness” and compliment the bland taste of the tofu. You may also add chili sauce for an extra kick. (Estimated price – 50 NTD, Location (photo): ShiLin night market)

9. Spicy Pork Bun

Another must try would be their spicy pork buns. Although this is quite common here now given that we already have some Chinese restaurants who serves the same, but their pork buns has a little spice into it which makes it unique. The greens also adds another element on its taste. (Estimated price – 50 NTD, Location (photo): RaoHe night market)

8. Grilled Beef Cubes

Another unique find would be their grilled beef cubes, unique because you don’t easily find steak cubes grilled on the streets, right? The meat is tender, flavorful, and fresh. For those who are steak lovers (like me), this is definitely a must try! (Estimated price – 50 (small serving), location (photo): ShiLin Night Market)

7. Peanut Ice Cream Roll

This is one of the unique finds that’s available in their markets that I haven’t heard of elsewhere. They serve this similar to our “fresh lumpia” which I thought of as weird at first but was surprised that it was actually good. Definitely something new and refreshing to my taste-buds. (Estimated Price – 45 NTD, Location (photo): RaoHe night market)

6. Fried Flavored Squid

This also lands a spot in my top 10 because I don’t know how they cook or fry their squid but it’s far better than any fried squid I’ve tried here (PH). Not to mention the several flavors that they have (including black pepper, lemon, etc) which are so good and somewhat unique as well. They actually have a lot of these everywhere but I personally loved the one I tasted in PingXi the most. (Estimated price – 100 NTD. Location (photo): PingXi)

5. Chicken Cheese

Okay, this one is a personal favorite because I love cheese! Although I think it may be not that unique because it can easily be replicated, this still lands a spot in my top 10 because in all fairness, I haven’t tried anything that’s similar to it yet and they used quality cheeses which is a plus factor, and they blow torch the cheese so that it melts in your mouth. (Estimated price – 100 NTD, Location (photo): RaoHe night market)

4. Sweet Potato Balls

Another personal favorite! I don’t know how they mix their ground sweet potatoes but it comes out really smooth and fluffy and flavorful. The natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes compliments it being deep fried – because most deep fried food tend to lose its flavor after, hence needs additional flavoring, but this one doesn’t. (Estimated price – 50 NTD, Location (photo): ShiLin Night Market)

3. Cheesy Potatoes

And when I said love cheese, I mean it. This one is like eating mashed potatoes, except I’m happier because the mashed potatoes are filled with cheese, ham, bacon, bell peppers, and all other things I love. Talk about sugar, spice, and everything nice! (Estimated Price – 80 NTD, location (photo): ShiLin night market)

2. Grilled King Mushrooms

There were such long lines for this one – and it’s definitely worth the wait. I love how the mushrooms fumed with a fiery charcoal-like taste although I’m pretty much sure that they did not use charcoal for grilling. It was chewy and flavorful, but heavy so if you plan on trying out several food for the day, best to try this one the last because you’ll end up feeling full already. (Estimated price – 100 NTD, location (photo): ShiLin night market)

1. Fresh Milk Tea – Chen San Ding

And the number one on my list is not a food, but a drink. I fell in love with this one so much because of all the milk-teas I’ve tried, I have never ever tried one that used fresh milk and home-made sweet tapioca mix, so good that you’ll really feel like they are match made in heaven, and trust me, once you tried it, you’ll come back for more (guilty!). (Estimated price – 45 NTD, location (photo): GongGuan)

Finds that Didn’t Made the Cut – but are still worth trying!!!

5. Yakult Slush

I’ve always loved Yakult, and seeing it being turned into a slush gave me so much happiness. Definitely the perfect drink to beat the Taiwan Summer heat! (Estimated price – 60 NTD, location (photo): PingXi)

4. Candied Fruits

This may look really appealing to the eyes, but personally not a fan of it only because I find it weird to turn a fresh fruit into a candy. Nonetheless, those with sweet tooth will definitely love munching on these. (Estimated price – 55 NTD,  location (photo): ShiLin Night Market)

3. Fried Chicken Fillet 

Although this one is also one of my personal favorites, I did not include it on my top 10 because of the fact that it’s already common here. Still a must try, though! (Estimated price – 75 NTD, location (photo): ShiLin Night Market)

2. Milk tea with Grass Jelly

Although I also really love this combination of fresh milk-tea with grass jelly,  there could only be one (milk-tea) in my top 10 hence adding this one here on my 5 finds that almost made it to my top 10. (Estimated price – 45 NTD, Location (photo) ShiLin Night Market)

1. Spicy Egg Wrap

This one is basically similar to a pita bread, freshly baked and still soft and they put this spicy sauce inside and a poached egg so the yolk oozes while you bite the bread. This one is a must try – I just can’t remember its name. LOL (Estimated price – 50 NTD, location (photo) ShiLin Night Market)

There are still a lot that did not made it to the list and those I was not able to try already, but yeah basically these are some of the things that made my Taiwan trip a memorable one. So if you guys are planning to travel to Taiwan, prepare yourselves for a food exploring adventure you’ll surely enjoy!