When is the Best Time to Let Go?

So yesterday, I posted an IG story (@harleychua) about writing an impromptu blog post with a topic or a question that you’d like to ask me or wanted me to write about, and although I may have received some funny questions and some that I don’t think I’m allowed to share (oops), I was asked a question that has never been asked to me before, but since I wanted this, might as well just write about it and answer it too.

I stared at that question and couldn’t think of any answer at that time. I am guilty of overthinking sometimes (okay fine, maybe most of the time) and maybe I was overthinking of the different possibilities that this question could encompass. But okay, less explanation and more answers.

“When is the best time to let go?”

Letting go of something could mean a lot; it could be about a career or a profession that you’re currently in, a hobby that you’ve been investing your time with, or even with relationships.

You let go of things when it doesn’t work out for you anymore. There comes a point in life when one day you’d wake up and think if it’s still the same thing that you want. Some might say yes, others, no; but reality speaking, the fact that it actually crossed your mind means you’re already doubting yourself.

Letting go of the things you love is probably the hardest thing, I’m sure you’ve already read a lot about those quotes of the same meaning which tackles on ending things or letting go, or saying your goodbyes. The thing is, everything in life is temporary and sooner or later we find ourselves being in the same scenario over and over again because everything around us changes rapidly.

You let go of things when it doesn’t make you happy anymore. Happiness could mean a lot but I guess one real thing about it is that it’s more than just being idealistic on everything. Perfection doesn’t equate to happiness and making everything as perfect as possible doesn’t mean that everything’s happy as it is.

Let go of the things that doesn’t deserve your time, your effort, and your attention. If you ever find yourself feeling like you’re putting too much effort on things that does not replicate back, or maybe doesn’t make you grow and develop, maybe it’s time to focus on different things instead.

And if ever there comes a time when you have to choose between staying and letting go, choose the one that you’re more afraid of, because often times, the things that we deserve is on the other side of fear. Let go because you’re brave enough to start a new beginning with yourself.

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