10 Great BGC Restos to go Solo

We’ve all been through Valentine’s Day with a mindset of having someone to celebrate it with. That’s why it has always been a stereotype that it’s the day where all the single ladies (and gents) are most bitter of (ever).

Well, not those single people out there who are happy and contented with or without partners. Not that they don’t want to have one, but they are just waiting for the right one instead. 😉

As one of my 2018 NY’s resolution, I promised that I’d give more time to myself. And it all came one night back in January when I got the idea of looking for some of the best restos around Bonifacio Global City (my workplace) where you can go solo without that awkward feeling because trust me, I know that feeling too!

10. Fowlbread – Bonifacio High Street

It’s actually the first resto that I went to from the list and although I’ve been here several times already, it was my first time going solo and it actually went pretty great. Their menu has evolved over the years and now has rice meals from their sandwiches and pasta selections before.

9. Sushi Nori – W Building

I’ve always been vocal about my love for sushi (particularly salmon sashimi) and salad (yes, I’d like to think that I’m a healthy eater). So this resto is basically a haven to those who are with me. Don’t worry, they have a great selection of makis too for those who are rice-eaters!

8. Tenya – Bonifacio Stopover

People go here for tempura, but since I’m allergic to shrimps (you know what I mean), I go here for their Buta Kimuchi Tendon (pork belly slices tempura) because I haven’t found this on other Japanese restos I’ve been to. Their spicy salmon salad is a must try too!

7. The Wholesome Table – High Street Central

Can I just say that this is probably one of the most underrated resto (for me). People always stereotype healthy with boring (or not delicious) but boy this resto can deliver both healthy and delicious all the way. They use organic and all-natural ingredients but it does not stop them from delivering what the food is supposed to taste like (and even more delicious). It definitely compliments the overrated saying that: “you can’t judge a book by its cover”.

6. Marugame Udon – Bonifacio High Street

This resto recently opened (late last year, I think) and it’s been a hype ever since. Their udon selections are good and has great prices too. Although I’m personally not a fan of deep fried food, they have a wide selection of skewers, appetisers, and etc. that you can choose from. (PS- it’s really tempting).

5. Tsuta – High Street Central

This newly-opened ramen place in BGC brought another hype and excitement to all the ramen lovers (including myself) because it’s the first Michelin-starred ramen in Tokyo that opened in Manila. And with that much pressure, they pretty much delivered. Aside from the really nice interior, they also have a less-complicated menu and authentic Japanese taste that you’ll surely love.

4. Mary Grace Cafe – Serendra

Their food dishes are really good, but my favorite in this resto are their pasta selections. I’ve previously tried their truffle pasta and it’s surprisingly different than the others’. Plus, they have a great serving size for pastas too. And maybe it’s the resto’s “at-home” vibe that makes it one of my fave places to be.

3. Maisen – Shangri-la The Fort

Katsu places are everywhere these days and Filipinos love the hype because there’s nothing more Filipino than “unli-rice” itself. But what makes this resto unique is that it gives its food this exquisite factor and that alone makes a difference. They also have one of the most sophisticatedly-plated food and “classiest” ambiance for a katsu place that I’ve been to, so far. Personally not a fan of rice myself but this one is worth the cheat-day.

2. Din Tai Fung – High Street Central

Another Michelin-starred resto that paved its way in Manila. Although I grew up with Chinese food myself, this resto gives a unique touch and flavour to their cooking, which pretty much proves their standing as one of the best restaurants in the world (by NYT). And, if you haven’t tried their XLB (xiao long bao), you’re missing half of your life!

1. Ramen Nagi – SM Aura

And still my undisputed comfort food; this resto is definitely worth its hype and has been on top of the line of all the ramen places I’ve tried. Probably because they’re one of the first in their game (I’m loyal) and they have maintained the “love-at-first-taste” feel that they remind us of whenever we think of “ramen”. And in the coldest nights, all we need is a hot bowl of ramen (not hugs 😂).

Valentine’s day is not just about being in a relationship and having someone to celebrate it with. It’s about the relationship you have with yourself. Your comfortability of being alone defines your personal strength and being alone doesn’t make you lonely, it means you’re strong enough on your own.

Date yourselves because you can, and remind everyone that Valentine’s is about love; and loving yourself (first) is more important than everyone else’s definition of what that day is about.

Love, HC♥️

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