Life Beyond Social Media

In a world where technological advancement is rapid, we have been so dependent to the internet world lately. We might not admit it but most of us depends on internet in so many things; from researches, to reading news articles, and of course, our social media applications.

Our day-to-day lives revolve around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so many more apps these days. Sharing our thoughts, looking through our friends’ and families’ lives, and pretty much sharing our “perfect” life in social media. From photography, to lifestyle, and culture, and arts, we seem to get a glimpse of everyone’s perfect social media life every day.

But what happens when you stop sharing them?

A month ago, I made the decision to go on a Social Media Hiatus. It just felt the right time to do it before everything else falls apart. No Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a month. I knew it would be really hard for me because my life revolves around these applications already. I can’t even imagine myself not posting or opening these apps.

Fast forward, I deleted the apps and tried to focus on myself. What else could I do aside from checking my social media applications from time to time? What is life beyond social media? The first few days was tough, I must say. Not having a glimpse of my friends’ life, not being able to post and not having anything to do is the worst feeling ever. I had to think of things to do.

Then it hit me, people are too much focused on making their lives look good on social media that they forget the most important thing in life; and that is to live it. We let it control us instead of us controlling it. It doesn’t make sense to put on your smile when you’re completely depressed inside. It doesn’t feel good to like your friend’s post or photos and criticize him behind.

What did social media do to our lives? It created a new world and the people living there are our masked identities; those that are always happy even if they’re not, those that compliments everyone yet makes fun at them from behind, and most of them does not know how to live outside social media.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing or posting our lives in social media. Everyone does it, right? But we have to remember that it doesn’t stop there. Happiness doesn’t stop once you posted it; you create it. And so does life.

I finally had the chance to bond with myself and know who I really am and what I like doing. I started looking through my hobbies, read some books, went out with friends, and had more time for myself. And the rest of the days were just amazing. Imagine what more could you do with all the time that you have which you used to spend too much on social media.

It’s probably the longest that I’ve not used my apps, and I’m not saying that I won’t use them anymore. But one thing’s for sure; I’ll keep on doing what I did; making myself the priority this time. Because life beyond social media is something to always look forward to. It may not be as perfect as how everyone perceives it to be, but it’s definitely better.


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