Korean Fever

Annyeong! It’s that time of the month again where I get to post and like what I posted on my IG account (@HarleyChua) last time, we’re going Korean food trippin’ this time!

Korean restos are booming these days and what better ways to know them than trying them myself and because I personally am a meat lover, my first Korean food trip review will be my top 5 best meat-all-you can restos here in the metro!

5. K-Pub 


So fifth place is K-Pub along 5th Ave, Taguig City. The place is cozy especially if you’re into listening to live bands because they actually invite local bands to play and jam with their customers which sets up the mood.

Ambiance is also quite fancy, they have a nice interior and is perfect for gatherings and celebration. They also have several food choices from premium beef, pork, chicken, seafood such as shrimp and fish, and they also serve Korean dishes such as bulgogi, steamed egg, kimchi, etc.

In terms of price, their prices vary from the food choices to the time you’d want to spend because they have a P499 meat-all-you-can for 1 hour, P899 for a specific list of meat and has no time limit, and so on, depending on the quality / choices of meat that you want.

4. Ba Be Q


If you happen to be around Metrowalk / Eastwood area and craved for some Korean bbq, this is definitely a place to go! For just P399, you can enjoy unlimited pork and chicken, and P599 for unlimited beef, pork and chicken.

The best part is that they also offer an unlimited Wagyu Beef, alongside with the beef, pork, and chicken for also P599!

Ambiance is okay, and given that they are just the Korean resto from the list that has cirular tables, it somewhat added that friendly vibe among the customers and engaged more conversations especially while grilling your favorite meat in the middle.

We totally enjoyed our stay there because the servers were nice and they are the ones who’s going to grill the meat in your table. Talk about great customer service!

3. Samgyupsalamat


This one is already famous, especially their branch in Jupiter Makati when we get to really wait for the long queue just to eat there. But as the saying goes, patience is a virtue and this resto has proved us that they are worth the wait!

Their price is okay and is flat at P499 unlimited meat all you can including the side dishes. And the quality of meat is great too!

I just wished they had bigger space to accommodate a big number of customers but nonetheless, this one is definitely worth trying.

2. Sodam


This resto came in really really close with my number one on the list, my second most fave meat-all-you-can resto lies in the heart of San Juan City.

Not only do they have the most affordable price among all top 5 in my list offering P299 for meat-all you-can lunch, and P349 for dinner, but this gem also offer a lot of catered food, and everything’s just delicious!

If you happen to be around the area, this is a must must try although you might want to come in earlier because there are quite number of people who goes here everyday.

1. All 4 U


Going back to Makati, this one tops the spot on my most favorite korean meat-all-you can restos because they have one thing that others don’t, and that is their korean shabu-shabu, and who doesn’t love shabu-shabu, right?

They’re located at Level 4 of Century City Mall, so you won’t have a hard time with parking or directions of going there. And their Korean grill and shabu shabu is priced at P599, consisting of unlimited pork, beef, chicken, veggies, shrimps and noodles.

And to all health conscious people, their shabu has organic soup which contains no MSG compared to other shabu places. Definitely a two-thumbs up!

So, if you guys happen to visit my top five Korean meat-all you can places, do message me if you liked them. You may reach me at askHC@harleychua.com or through my instagram account @HarleyChua.


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