Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 2)


Who would not love ramen in this cold rainy weather? Ramen has been a hype in the Philippines and a lot of Ramen places are a sure hit these days! But did you know that we found this ramen place in Little Tokyo that is definitely a must try!

Okay, so I’ve already posted some of the best ramen places here from my previous blog posts The Ramen Craze (Part 1) and The Ramen Craze (Part 2).  And I’m now continuing my Little Tokyo Journey to another ramen place to watch out for. If you haven’t read my previous post about Little Tokyo, you better check it out here Tokyo in the Heart of Makati (Part 1).

There’s this place called Yamazaki, it’s along Chino Roces Ave. cor Fernando St. and it serves some of the best authentic ramen! It’s a small place with partitions for smoking and non-smoking customers and although the ambiance has quite an oldie Japanese feel, their food has an authentic Japanese flavor, and you know if its authentic or not because most of their customers are Japanese locals.


(From upper left down: Takoyaki, Miso Ramen, Chasumen)

Was able to try some of their best ramen: Chasumen, Miso Ramen, Tan Men, and their Yamazaki Special Ramen. All has its distinct rich flavors, Chasumen has this clear soup feel and has few slices of meat, Miso ramen on the other hand, is more flavorful and if you like ramen with a little salty-like flavor, it’s definitely a must try.

Tan men is somewhat similar to Miso Ramen but less of its saltiness-like in flavor, and if you’re really hungry, their Yamazaki Special Ramen is definitely a to-order for you because they serve it in a bigger sized bowl, but I think it’s same thing as their Chasumen with more pork slices and only bigger.

The best part is not only you get to enjoy their selection of great food, but also almost everything are affordable! Their ramen ranges only from 160-228 Pesos, almost half of the price sold in the famous ramen places in the Metro! And what I like about it is that their noodles are authentically made and not instant, so this is definitely a plus for me.


(From Left to Right: Wagyu and Yamazaki Special Ramen)

The restaurant also has a lot (really lot) of various food dishes from bento boxes to other sets and appetizers like Takoyaki and Gyoza, which are also a must try. Was also able to try their wagyu beef and although it’s good, I’d still go for the Urameshiya wagyu beef cubes from my Part 1 post because it’s unlimited! hehe 🙂

So over all, Yamazaki is a great place to try with their super various food meal that they offer, but I’d go for their ramen and will definitely be back there. Hit me up if you liked their other food dishes and don’t hesitate to drop an email – for suggestions, comments, and the likes.

See you on my next blog! 🙂


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