Introduce Yourself with Style

I bet everyone had their own share of memories back at school. And what could be more exciting than the “Introduce yourself” portion of the beginning of classes? 

Well, not really for me back then. It was actually the time when I wished I was absent from attending my classes. I hated speaking in public with a lot of people watching. Felt like you are being criticized or whatsoever.

So now that I’ve actually kind of overcome that fear of mine before, it’s time for me to help you how to present yourself well. Of course school and corporate life can be different because basically at school, you make the people around you (especially if you’re new) feel that you’re friendly and approachable. But in the corporate world, not only do you need to make yourself sound professional, but you also support it with facts which can be your work experience, number of years at work and the industry or team that you’re into. 

But what’s similar to both is that you have to make the audience believe what you say and you can only do so by being real. 

1. Say real facts. Don’t make up stories because trust me, people would know if you do (and you wouldn’t remember what you’ve said if you just made it up in the fist place). Of course it also comes with being honest with what you feel or feel like doing. If you came there for a goal, then tell them.

2. Be confident. Confidence makes a difference especially in the corporate world. People should feel that you are confident with what you are saying and you know the facts that you say very well. Like what I said, making up stories will be harder to remember and you might get into trouble in the long run (if you don’t remember it).

3. Practice. Practice. Practice. Yes, the saying is right, “practice makes perfect”. You can talk to yourself in front of the mirror (seriously it helps) or ask help from someone close to you, maybe they can share things that you can improve on too.  

4. Be open. You don’t have to say everything, be open means be open to meeting new people. Put on a nice smile and make them feel that you’re approachable.

Always remember that first impression lasts, so you have make a good one. 🙂

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