My Little Pom 

For those of you who are my friends in instagram, I’m sure you already know my latest addiction lately, taking selfies of my little furball Gucci. My IG stories have been all about this cutie and I just can’t get enough of him!

So Gucci is a pure white small breed pomeranian whom I had more than a month ago (as of writing). He’s five months old and is just so energetic! It’s not my first pet, but he’s my first small breed pet since my other pets are big labs.

It’s hard to take care of small breed dogs especially when you’re used to taking care of the big ones because basically, small dogs are more delicate and sort of more dependent than the big ones. But nonetheless, they’re all the same in terms of being sweet and playful.

So Gucci loves the camera and the camera loves him too! Taking nice photos of him is just effortless and he’s too cute in every angle! ❤️

Being a dog-lover doesn’t mean that you only love dogs. It means that you have to be patient with them as well. It might take sometime for them to learn potty or whatever tricks you’d like to teach them but they will learn in time so you have to be patient with them and they need to feel your support. It helps when you give them treats too!

And most important part about caring for dogs is to give their health a proper attention. Make sure that their vaccines are complete and they eat healthy. It helps to give them vitamins too so they will have a strong immune system. 

Pets are not something you take for granted. It takes a lot of responsibility to grow one and you need to be ready for it. And at the end of the day after you come home from a tiring day, play with them and they’ll take all the stress away! 

Follow me on instagram: @HarleyChua for more of Gucci’s pictures! 🐶

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