Simple & Classy

We’ve come to a point where everything is changing these days. It has become inevitable as we go along with our daily lives, from technology to fashion, you’ll see yourself behind everything else if you don’t change.

Sometimes I think that society has become way too much observe with changing that it defeats the purpose of the need to change in the first place. Always change for the real better and not the ‘better’ that everyone thinks. We’ve become too much focused on what everyone would think of us instead of what we really want and who we really are.

I’ve been writing inspirational life articles for quite sometime, six years to be exact and I’m very happy with the outcome that it has given me, reading your wonderful comments and gaining friends here in the social media. And now I have finally decided to change my way of writing.

From A Glimpse of Reality: Making it Happen and Life & Ley: Everything and More, I’m very excited to show you Everyday HC! It’s the shortest blog name that I had so far yet holds the biggest things that will interest everyone. It will basically be more than just life articles. I will give you guys all new things from now on. From daily tips, more travel and food journeys, fashion, social networking and more, Everyday HC will give you plenty of reasons to make reading fun.

Thank you for your unending support and friendship. Really, it has been a pleasure to be writing for all of you my readers and I hope that you’ll help me out on this new challenge I’m taking.

Stay tuned! -HC


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