#TwentyThree: Life of a Fil-Chi

Growing up in a Chinese family with Chinese culture and traditions in the Philippines is really hard because you have to be Chinese yet adapt to the Filipino community. And let me tell you they are totally different. They had different views with life, family and love.

Chinese had a different view of life and it’s something that I’m actually proud of growing up instilling to myself. Life is success. And if you want to be successful, you have to strive for it. We all know that most of the successful Chinese businessmen today came from nothing, they all strived to make it this far. They see life as an opportunity to grow and look at them now.

Family on the other hand, this is actually something that my Chinese-Filipino friends talk about, how it’s like in their family and it turns out Chinese families all have something in common –  and that is to maintain the family’s reputation. I could still remember how my grandmother used to tell me when I was younger that if you want to earn people’s respect, you should act like you’re worthy of their respect.

For Chinese, well most of them I’d say, reputation is the most important thing as it reflects how powerful they’ve become. Comparing it to a normal Filipino life, it has less drama and more focus on what do you want to achieve in the future.

Going back to me, because I could get a little conceited sometimes, I was pretty much brought up that way. Studied in a Chinese school from pre-nursery to High School, had our own driver fetching us, same old routine of house – school – house – school every single day. You’re now probably thinking how boring my life was, and yeah I thought so too. But of course this article isn’t. Coz little did I know that I’d end up to have a not-so-boring life after high school.

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