#TwentyThree: The Beginning

They say, age is just a number. Well that’s very much true except for a fact that we can always go back to numbers but not our age. Twenty-three… well that’s me right now. Twenty-three years of existence and happy of course! I’ve decided to title this article my age not because I couldn’t think of anymore titles, but because it’s basically going to be the story of my life. And I want you guys to be part of every journey that I’ll be along.

Funny how I used to wish to grow older when I was young, and yet now that I’m older, I remember the days when everything was just simple. Maybe things have been really different these days… long gone are my childhood days where I used to play outside home with my brother, it was quite an adventure.

I didn’t grow up exactly how I think everyone else did. Everyone else had their parents, or at least one of them, but I didn’t. They separated when I was five and it was the last time that I saw my mother. I honestly didn’t feel anything, maybe I was too young at that time. But as I grow old, people started asking questions for which I didn’t know what to answer. I don’t know where or how or why, I was five for god sakes.

I’ve always felt different and I actually know that I am. Different in a way that whenever we go to the toy-store and most kids at my age go back to their parents holding the robot boxes, I’d carry with me coloring pens, and painting kit. I don’t know. But I’d rather go to the bookstore and buy some books rather than spend time thinking which toy I’d want to take home.

I grew up with my grandparents by the way, and they were actually amazing, except they could get a little over-acting when it comes to me and my safety sometimes. But nonetheless, I still love them. I love being Chinese, the colorful traditions, beliefs, how they think of things and how they see life on a different perspective.

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