5 Lessons: Pacquiao & the LGBT Issue

Lately, I’ve been reading different sentiments and views toward the recent LGBT “statement” by Manny Pacquiao and different opinions of  those people who are either with him or against him. 

My blog’s really not into these kind of topic but since it has come to a point where people are really making this issue as big as it is actually, I’d like you guys to understand some points. 

First, don’t believe in everything that media shows you. Clearly, this issue worsened because of the media trying to dwell more about it. Always remember that scenarios like these can always turn out the way how the media wants it to turn out, and most of the time it’s negative. 

Second, your negative comments doesn’t help. Really, why would Pacquiao’s family be involved with people’s curses in the first place? All of a sudden it revolved around the Pacquiao’s being called “ugly” and looking like “monkeys”, does it make you feel more human by saying it? Come on.

Third, you can’t pull yourself up by bringing others down. You just can’t. Defending yourself is totally different from trying to look for others’ mistake and making them feel like they are wrong. Doesn’t that make you less of a human too? 

Fourth, religion doesn’t define a person’s character. Someone who goes to church everyday but says negatively of others doesn’t make them lesser of an evil. In the end, it’s not how you want others to see you but how God sees you that matters anyway. 

And lastly, diversity will always be a part of our lives. We are all born equal and driven by God’s purpose. If we can’t accept one’s preference because of our beliefs, then let’s just give respect to each other as human beings. Because that’s exactly what God want’s us to do. 

Yes, sometimes we get hurt. But would hurting those who hurt you make you feel better? I don’t think so. 

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