The word “forever” has always been the term used to describe an infinite thing, situation, time, and feeling.

In the Philippines, the hashtag #WalangForever became an instant hit, after the Filipino rom-com movie “English only, please” was shown last December 2014, where “Wala” or “Walang” in Filipino term means “None”, or there’s no forever in short. Since then, the hashtag was often used to describe single people’s bitterness towards other couples. Of course, the term was just a joke and not intended to offend anyone.

Actually if you look into it, at the end of our minds, we really do wonder if it exists. We often tell our partners that we’ll love them forever, married couples made vows to love each other forever, the term has always been used to describe an infinite love toward each other.

It’s really nice how things have changed as everything else advances. From one’s view of a relationship and others’ view of how to keep one, everyone now falls with the word “Forever” when they define love.

But defining love and keeping a relationship are totally different things. Defining love is basically how you see yourself in a relationship while keeping one is a long process and not learned overnight. But one thing’s for sure: to keep one, you must learn how to make yourself worth loving – by being true to yourself.

Always remember that relationship doesn’t only come from one’s effort, it should work both ways. You and your partner making it work, no matter how difficult the situation might get. Love is accepting one’s flaws and weaknesses, and it does not force you to change who you are for a person.

I think that the two most essential element of how to keep a relationship are the two T’s: Time and Trust. Time because you are not supposed to rush things – like what they say: one of the best feelings in the world is to fall in love with your best friend, well not literally but someone whom you’ve known for quite some time perhaps. Someone who already knows you well and knows your craziness within. Because that person loves you the way you are.

And Trust, because basically it encompasses everything that a relationship should have. You must trust your partner to make it work, right? For me it is the most important element of how to keep a relationship on going because like what the quote says, ‘I trust you’ is a better compliment than ‘I love you’ because you may not always trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust.

And if you are going to ask me if I think Forever exists, I’d say yes. Because I know that I will always love and trust my forever. 🙂

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