6. Mitsuyado Sei Men

 If you want to have that Authentic Japanese ambiance while you eat your favourite ramen, this is definitely the place to be! I personally love their Char-siu ramen. They’ve got reasonable prices too!

5. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

This became one of my instant favourite ramen houses. Their Awasi-Aji Ramen is a must try! Prices are also not bad.

4. Shinjuku Ramen House

  This goes to my surprisingly good list. The ramen house is located in the famous Little Tokyo in Makati, and what I like most about their ramen is how each of its ingredient added a distinct flavour and complimented it as a whole. Surprisingly good!

3. Kichitora Tokyo


They have a few but good selection of ramen. Pricey but worth it for the taste. I personally love their Miso Ramen. A must try!

2. Ippudo Philippines

Ippudo definitely took the ramen market in the Philippines by storm, topping off the other ramen houses and landing 2nd on my list although they’ve just opened their first branch early this year. 

1. Ramen Nagi 




Of all the ramen houses I’ve tried, they probably have the least number of ramen selections to try (only four unless they have seasonal flavours) but all four have their own unique distinctive taste and each one of them could be very addicting. Also a bit pricey but a goodie. Definitely my most fave ramen house of all! Butao King and Green King are a must try for newbies. 

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