Well, it’s almost that wonderful time of the year again! And what would be more perfect to have for these cold holiday nights than those mouth-watering, hot, and flavourful ramen dishes from our favorite ramen houses and restaurants.

Ramen houses are everywhere in Manila these days. And it is no wonder why so much of these houses have boomed over the years; because we love them!  

While some say that ramen was originated from China, others say that it was invented and popularized by Japan, as we all know. 

And today, we’ve come up with a list of the twelve (12) must-try Ramen Houses in Metro Manila, giving you some tips and their must-haves. 

12. Tampopo 


Although the restaurant is more well-known for their Katsu sets, you can also try their ramen to go along with it. Taste is normal and price is reasonable for a ramen-katsu set.

11. Nadai Fujisoba 

Similar to Tampopo, Nadai Fujisoba is also known for their set-meals. But what I like about this one is their fast service. Prices are also reasonable for their set meals and serving are also good for sharing.

10. Kenji Tei Ramen House


Kenji Tei is somewhat good. Although I didn’t like their noodles coz it seemed like to be comparable to those of the instant noodles, but overall the flavor of the broth is great and prices are reasonable too.

9. Ukokkei Ramen Ron

The taste was absolutely great! Definitely a must try to those who love chasu ramen. One thing I did not like was the oily-ness of the soup, and also the noodles’ texture. But reasonable enough for its price.

8. Wrong Ramen


A bit pricey but the taste is great! Not the typical ramen as their ramen flavors differ from other ramen houses and maybe that is why they call themselves “Wrong Ramen”. 

7. Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Also somewhat pricey for some, but definitely a must try. I love their Ajitama Tonkotsu, flavourful and it has that unique distinctive taste of a little bit salty yet savoury. 

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