It was mid 2015 when my “Lunch Buddies” and I decided to level up our getaways, from our usual local destinations to this time, something international. We’re going to Singapore and Malaysia! 

Singapore, also known as the Lion City, is one of the most developed country in Southeast Asia. Evident of which are its fast-growing economy, booming businesses, developed infrastructures and advanced techology. 

I believe that one main reason why Singapore has paved its way to the top, and has maintained its place through the years is their discipline to onesself. You’ll really feel that the people there has the sense of discipline from their usual actions, doing business, transacting with them, they all act professional, which is impressive.

And most of all, their tourist attractions are the best! We were able to get to some well-known places there and it was really amazing to see how they’ve developed these places through the years. 


Went to their so called “chinatown” where there were a lot of restaurants. If you’re looking forward to do food-trips at Singapore, this is one of the best and cheapest food-trip places for you. 


Of course, you don’t go to Singapore without going to the Universal Studios Singapore, right?  Felt like a kid again being able to see some cartoons that I grew up watching! And my heart almost fell off riding their extreme roller coaster rides, but all I can say is that it was FUN!


You know that exciting feeling of getting lost somewhere? Well I can always get lost in Singapore with their amazing night view! You’ll see their business districts all-light up at night. And like what everyone said, you’ve never been to Singapore if you don’t take a picture with their world-famous Mer-lion. 

And what is travelling without doing the most fun thing to do? Food-trips! We sure did a lot of food trips at Singapore, and it was indeed a tummy-filling experience!


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