Life & Ley: Everything and More


Well, it has been a while… I promised everyone that I’ll be back and here I am, making my comeback. Welcome to! Yup, when I said that I’ll be back, I mean to have it with something special for you guys.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has always been with me ever since, to those who have supported my articles, giving wonderful feedbacks and comments up to the moment that even though my last article was published around May 2014, these people never left. The blog still got wonderful number of views each day, and it’s all because of you guys that made me write again.

Last year, I released this segment here entitled “Life & Ley”, which pretty much talked about the different things in life, well thanks to you guys, that segment became one of the most viewed here. And now, before this year ends, I’m very happy to announce that the blog has been re-modified, having “Life & Ley” as its main title.

Basically, Life & Ley will talk about everything of what a typical life is, except this time, it will be more. It will be more fun, more adventurous, more life lessons and learnings. So everything has changed, from the blogsite, to the logo, to the blog’s title to give you a glimpse of what has changed.

I am sure that everyone’s excited and I’ve got tons of articles to share to you guys. Watch out for them.

For questions, do reach me out at — 🙂

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