The After-College Bites

The After-College Bites


This is somewhat related to my past article, 5 Things You Realize After College, but more of an eye opener of what really is like being outside of our comfort zone after many years. We’ve been trying to tell ourselves too much of how we miss college but actually what we miss is not college but who we were during college.

We have been inside of the box, filled with the comfort of our own resources and surrounded by at least those that we are familiar with, that we don’t know what it feels like to be talking to an outsider. Yes, I believe each and every one of us has experienced those little chills when we think of going outside our own boxes before.

But life is totally different from what it seems like to be a perfect world. Life often gives you the opposite of what you have perceived when you least expect it. The values of money makes you realize that it is as hard to earn money as it is to spend it knowing you are the one who worked for it. Isn’t it ironic how perceptions have shifted from “dad can afford it” to “I think it’s too much for my salary”?

The Value of time makes you more appreciative of what you have and have been to. College life was fun because we get to reminisce good things. But it can also make you feel remorseful as well on the things that you thought you should have done.

But the real bite would be the “Now what?” question that you’ll ask yourself after college. I asked it myself right after our graduation. Now, what do I do? The hardest thing about life is not about finding yourself where you belong to, but to create yourself on where you would want to go.

And one of the latter is choosing the career path that you are going to take. It may sound easy, but actually I’ve met a couple of people who have shifted careers at their quarter-life identity crisis. They have not yet found themselves until now that they still cannot make their career path. And that is one big problem.

Life starts after college. After you have received your degree diploma, after you walked the isle wearing your toga, and outside your comfort zone. Life will often give you a lot to think about but always be thankful that you think about these things. Because in the end, life is how you make it.  You create yourself based on how you would want yourself to be and after college; reality will bite you big time to be who you want to become, so be as great as you can be.

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