The 5 Secrets of Friendship

The 5 Secrets of Friendship


There’s a point in life where you’ll find people who are for keeps. They are those who’ve known you, for some, for many years now or even those who’ve stayed with you through ups and downs. Although there are actually no ‘requirements’ for you to be friends with someone, but you’ll know it when it is the real thing between you and these people.

They say others cannot judge you the way your friends does. Of course, they know you better. Although not everyone you thought your friend is really your friend. But you cannot also judge those who have gone in your circle – maybe they have found theirs as well.

When you met someone you jive with, all the things you like and stuff you hate is as same as his or hers, does it mean you’re already friends? And when you both consider yourselves ‘friends’, how sure are you that he is a real one? There are a lot of things that is to be valued for friendship. But there are also secrets in order for you to have a great friendship.

Friendship is great. When you are with the people who you consider to have known you ever since, when you are with the people you are truly comfortable with, it’s really a great feeling. Does friendship last? Of course it does, with the right way of maintaining it. And for you to maintain them, you have to:

Accept. You always have to accept each other, from your imperfections to your flaws. A real friendship is when you accept who you are and what you are not, no pretensions, no other excuses to things you don’t have.

Grow. From accepting each other, that’s the point you both grow. Growth in terms of the maturity of your friendship, knowing that there may be some misunderstandings or fights on you, but you both accept your mistakes and continue to grow. A real friend is someone that will help you grow for the better. Someone who will make you realize your mistakes and learns from them.

Develop. As your friendship goes through hardship, you both develop the sense of fulfillment toward each other. A true friend lets you develop the person in you. Someone who will respect, and give full support on your goals and dreams and not to contradict them for him to feel ahead of you.

Influence. A friend influences good things to his friends. You give them inspiration to move forward, reach for their dreams, and never be afraid to the challenges ahead. You make them feel that you are always here for them and got their back if ever something goes wrong. And if something does, you are here to make them feel that they have done the right thing in trying.

Love. You don’t have to be in a relationship to feel love. You get love from your family and of course, friends. In friendship, love is one of the biggest and yet hardest foundation of friendship. And I’m not talking about ‘falling in love’, okay? Just pure love and care toward your friends. Because if you love your friends, everything else follows through – you trust and believe in his or her capabilities, you’ll learn things from each other and grow from one another.

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Just focus on the people who have been there for you all along because they deserve your real friendship. And for the others, at some point you have to let them go and that is the hardest part about love – letting them free in order to be happy.


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