Life after College: 5 Things You Realize

Life after College: 5 Things You Realize

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Obviously, it has always been every college student’s dream to graduate. Yes, imagining themselves walking down the aisle, wearing their alma mater’s toga and seen by their proud parents and loved ones. It seems like college life ends right there. All the school stuff, exams, research papers and thesis ends right there. And as you hold your diploma and become a degree holder, reality welcomes you and says: “Congratulations and welcome to real life!

Being a graduate for more than a year now, I have come to realize why I chose to write this article just now when in fact I have thought of writing this the day after I graduated from college. Well, at that time, I just did not know where to start. I had so many things going in my head that I told myself I’d want to write this when I’m ready. And now I am.

Greater Challenges Ahead.

College was never a challenge for me. Not bragging about it (academically speaking) but I have already realized right from the start that what waits after college was more challenging than college itself because everyone else (who graduated) is already there. Eyes will begin to stare at you as soon as you graduate and literally, it just freaks me out.

In reality, it is not just about how well you did but how far will you go. There are no more second chances that if you fail a test, you’d try to make up with another one. There are no more “review first then exam later” scenarios. The harsh reality gives you tests first before you learn more.

The Value of Money.

I used to not realize how hard it is to earn money until I earn it myself. The allowances we’ve spent for clothes, gadgets, and a little bit of our luxuries, all of these hurts when you spend your own hard-earned cash, trust me. Especially when you realize that you have been spending so much on things which will not give you any benefit in the future.

And of course, you’ll learn the importance for saving. You wouldn’t want to throw away your hard-earned money, right? So save more than what you spend on and try to invest a little, if it will result to a greater profit in the future.

Time and Priorities.

When you are more of the ‘fun-loving’ people at college, you might want to ‘lie-low’ a little because you won’t be having too much time for that after college. Work will definitely keep you pre-occupied and sooner or later, you’ll know your priorities whether if it is for a family event, a hobby, concerts, parties lunch or dinner outs and fun.

You will soon realize the value of time: the time lost for silly little things, and the time you should have spent on for something that would result to a better you today. All these things cannot be undone, but this time, you’ll definitely appreciate more things for productivity, wellness and relaxation after a week of stressful works.

True Friends.

They always say that no matter how long you have not talked to your friends, but when you do, it will always be the same crazy talks, laughs and love, that’s true friendship. You will realize who your true friends are, those who never left you. Those who have always been proud of what you have become but still tease you things just like the way it was at college.

They are those who might not always be there physically but when you seek for advice or help, would be there for you. I am very grateful to have found these friends, even before college, at college and until now. Appreciate more of them and enjoy your time on being together.

Life and Change.

After college, you’ll learn appreciate life more. How things have changed over the past years, how wide your learning have become. How well you grew. And as soon as one chapter of it ends, another life begins and awaits you.

You’ll soon find yourself ready for more challenges ahead, new obstacles to face, but as you try to look at how far you have become, always remember that you once made a decision to make it where you are today. Congratulations for having the eagerness to go from one to another chapter of your life. And as you come across a new one, learn to know what you need to know and always make yourself worthy for a better change.

There will always be no other way in life but to keep forward.

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