5 Things you should realize on Valentine’s Day


I’m sure some have experienced being taken or having a ‘taken’ friend getting excited over Valentine’s Day. Whether where they are going to spend it, wondering what surprises awaits for her, from chocolates and sweet treats, bouquets of flowers, big and cuddly teddy bears to other gimmicks to whatever her boyfriend has in mind for his ‘one and only’, everything just comes out of excitement.

Well, year by year, and as we grow old, I’ve experienced seeing, observing and realizing what people think of during this ‘Love Season’ and these are the five things that I believe people should realize on Valentine’s Day:

5. Valentine’s Day makes you realize if you are really alone


Yes, as you see your instagram feeds flood with couplefies (selfie for couples) and you take time to think and ask yourself the question “why am I alone on Valentine’s Day?” and suddenly remembered why and say “oh, yeah, I prefer to be alone.” It makes you realize whether if you just really prefer to be alone or you are literally alone.

Some people prefer being alone because they know they are strong enough not to be dependent of others, especially being in a relationship just to be happy. And yeah, cheers to that!

4. Never date for the sake of having ‘company’


This one’s a good one. I’ve heard so many stories of people wanting to be ‘in’ the trend that they would have to find a date to date on Valentine’s Day. Be it with a friend’s friend or blind date, most of them regret it because they realized that it was just a waste of time.

I’m not saying not to meet people and go out on a date or blind date, but sometimes, people get pressured on Valentine’s that what is in their mindset is that they need to have a date or else people would laugh at them and talk at their back. I tell you, you just cannot be happy doing something you don’t want to do.

3. Finding a relationship gets tougher as you mature

Mixed group business people in office

As we grow old, and of course for some, learn from their past relationships and experiences, we realize that the older we get, the more things we want to achieve, the more things that we want to do, the tougher to find a partner. We begin to realize that relationship is not just something to have company with but more of someone to complement the growing standards in our lifestyles.

The older we get, the bigger things we see. And by the time we are matured enough, some would laugh at their ‘young’ times where they’d almost die for love and being ‘broken-hearted‘. But what is important is that you have learned from all the pain.

2. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples

couple picture

We also realize that this day is not just for couples. It’s also a day to appreciate people who have been at your side, appreciate the love and care that they have been giving you. Share your Valentine’s Day with friends, family, best buddies and thank them because they have been at your side for some time now.

And at some point, you also realize that building good relationship with these people are more important that focusing and stressing yourself too much of finding ‘the right one’.

1. Love and be loved


And the most important thing, Valentine’s Day is a day to express ‘love’. It was never said that you should be in a relationship in order for you to celebrate that day. Always remember that love is beyond than just having a boyfriend / girlfriend because it is more than just being in a relationship. Don’t stress yourself too much on finding ‘the one’ because love takes time.

Just learn to love, love and be loved. It’s one of the most wonderful basic rules of life.

Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life.”

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