2013, A Year of Happiness!

Well it is the time where Filipinos get to sing “Tease” the season to be jolly, because everywhere you go, there’s food! Well, we get it, we Filipinos love to eat. Everywhere we go, eating is something that is inevitable. And there’s just no perfect time but this season to spice up and make our tummies happy again! And no, we will be setting aside those ‘diet’ days coz it’s going to be a pig-out December for our Christmas and New Year’s Celebration.

And when you think of this season, it is just impossible not to think about food! And there’s no more place that is as heavenly as those of the famous buffet restaurants around, ready to fill in our tummies with the luxurious, mouth-watering, and delicious cuisines made available in just one place.

And yes, I’ve compiled some of the bests, that I have personally tried myself, into my New Year’s article, giving you my Top 10 Most Favorite recent “Buffet” and “Eat-All-You-Can” restos!

10. Yabu: House of Katsu

Ranking tenth is Yabu, the house of Katsu. Well, technically it is not “Eat all you can” but more of the unlimited everything except the katsu itself. That is why I ranked it 10th on my list. But the food itself is just great. The combination of the cabbage, katsudon, miso soup, Japanese rice, and some condiments is simply mouth watering that we have been to their Robinsons Magnolia branch every time we are there (and trust me, we are there as frequent as every weekends).





9. Don Day

Affordability wise, this is the resto to look out for especially for those who love love and love Korean food. Don Day is a Korean barbeque grill along Timog, Quezon City which offers a lot of Korean food aside from the barbeque itself at a much affordable price. I’ve been here and trust me, I always go out with a happy tummy after visit.



8. Something Fishy

Eighth on my list is the Something Fishy resto. This buffet caters mostly sea-food dishes but is not just limited to it as well. I super love their baked oysters and actually got addicted to it the moment I tasted it. Aside from oysters, they also have sushi, grilling station where you can request to grill some seafood and have it delivered to your table and other Filipino dishes. And the best part? It’s affordable and you also get some of their staffs to serenade you with any song (almost anything).




7. Saisaki – Dad’s – Kamayan

Ranking seventh is Saisaki – Dad’s. It is probably one of the most well-known buffet restaurants here since I have been there back then I was a child. I super love their sushi bar because it feels like everything is complete and I love Japanese food. Aside from Japanese, they also have Dad’s on the other side, where famous Filipino dishes are catered. One Filipino dish I love is an exotic “kuhol” or snail in coconut milk sauce. It may not sound delish but trust me, it is! Oh and they also have singing staffs there.



6. Alba

Alba is the place to go when you are feeling like going Spanish. My grandparents love eating here especially their Paella (a Spanish dish where rice and seafood are a perfect match). I specially love their ambiance, the feel of going to a humble Spanish home with a twist of a little gourmet like-style. It may be pricey, but definitely worth trying.

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Ahh, the ever favorite Yakimix. This buffet also caters the “grill your own” food like Don Day and Kpub but with different flavors. It is basically not into a specific cuisine. Aside from grilling they also have Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and other famous dishes from different cuisines available. Just perfect for gathering, birthday celebrations (where you get yourself free on your birthday day) and reunion with friends.





This maybe my 4th place but it’s definitely bringing my best throwback memory of 2013 because this is where I celebrated my birthday with my BFFs. Somewhat, Kpub is similar to Don Day where Korean cuisine is their focus of the dishes that they serve. But Kpub focuses more on its ‘meat-all-you-can’ claim and it definitely wins the ambiance because of its uber modern style from technologies to aesthetics. I just love how their dessert quenches everything. You just have to try it yourself!

photo 5




3.The Buffet

Top 3 on my list is The Buffet. Aside from the glorious castle-like ambiance that it emphasizes on, I just love how dishes are organized. From different cuisines to different type of food, you’ll never get lost when eating there. The buffet also caters different cuisines and famous dishes available and it’s definitely winning my “Not-getting-lost-on-food” award because of the simplicity yet sophisticated way of having everything organized into perfection. My friends had a great time during our reunion there.

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Second on my list is probably one of the biggest buffet restaurants I’ve been to. Aside from the fact that is big, their food is also as big as you can imagine. They have wide variety of food, cuisines and the best part is how they celebrate a birthday. Because aside from the fact that you are free (on your birthday day as well) they would get you a Viking hat, backdrop and sing you a happy birthday song (while being videoed by your loved one). Vikings emphasizes more on client-relationship and satisfaction and therefore, will have my “I heart this” award for making their customers feeling special.


VikingsSushi_zpsd459e16evikings3 (1)vikings3

1.Buffet 101

Topping my list, is my “favorit-est buffet place on earth” awardee, Buffet 101. Well, aside from the free-birthday treat again that they also offer, you will also get the chance to feel the grand and classy ambiance that they give their customers, and they also have a wide variety of gourmet food, dishes and cuisines available for every food enthusiasts. We’ve celebrated Christmas and special occasions here and everything is just purely magical and tummy-loving. Buffet 101 is definitely worth trying!









Wow! Writing these made me hungry! I guess I have to try, discover and enjoy more restaurants and make you all hungrier next year! Just kidding. They always say ‘you are what you eat’ but hey, don’t stress yourself too much on diet and not eating. You also need couple of cheat days and… Relax, it’s Christmas season! Well, New Year actually.

Thank you for a truly awesome 2013 blogging experience and may you all have a wonderful New Year ahead.

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