The Christmas Blog 2013

Harley Christmas

There comes a point in life where everything is a swift away. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself ending up with things you never thought that would happen. Regret, misery and depression comes next. Soon, you will start questioning what the meaning of your life is.

Every year, everyone go through a lot of things that tests his capability and faith. Each challenge only proves two things, either we win or learn. There’s no point of living a life that is perfect because it hinders our ability to learn. Life is about learning and knowing where you want to be few years from now.

Oftentimes, Christmas has been one of the ways of making you and your loved ones feel the love through sharing. They would always say that it is the ‘season of giving’. It is the time to be thankful to God of all the opportunities that you went through over the year, positive or negative. It is the time to appreciate that there is always more than just failing because failing made you stronger and wiser.

Value everything that made you learn more. Be it at school, at work, or even the wrong decisions that you may have done over the past few months or years. Remember that there is no such thing as failing. Everything is for the sake of learning and therefore must be valued.

This season, everyone may as not be as happy as others or vice versa, but the spirit of learning is always present. Always be thankful of things that gave you knowledge. Always be thankful to God who made every single road for you to take on this journey.

Christmas may be the perfect season for gift-giving but always remember that the greatest gift one can give to others is the value of love, but the greatest gift that a person can give to himself is the value of self-worth.

Thank you for making my 2013 a memorable one.

Happy Holidays!

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