Life & Ley: Social Networking Sites and Me

Social Networking Sites and Me




At home, during work, after work, while in gimmick with friends, at the fitting room, about to sleep, when you wake up, while eating, and so much more, these are just some ways on how and where to shot your ‘Selfie’. With over 40 million hash-tags and growing on instagram, people are just going crazy over taking their Selfie photos.

Selfie is just one indication of how well social media is being patronized these days. The power of the number of likes and shares on facebook, tweets and followers on twitter, hashtags on instagram, reposts on tumblr, and so many more has tremendously paved way into different things, from socialization to advertising and online selling as well.

It is quite impossible for a normal individual to not have any account on these any of social networking sites these days. From children to grown-ups, majority have their facebook accounts to share their success stories with, talk and chit-chat to long time friends, share photos of a proud moment, and post what they feel freely.

We can really conclude nowadays that your social networking site speaks for who you are; it reflects who you are as a person, from the things you say, photos you share, people you interact with, and pictures you capture. Truly, we can see how socialization has been made easier through them.

But although it may be a great of help to be connected frequently with the people you love even at a distant, it is still a precaution for us to post unnecessary things which tends to be for our privacy only. Information, private photos, important matters are just some of the things that should not be shared to the public simply because it is not needed.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” It is simple as knowing what is right and wrong. Unfortunately, the downside of the social networking sites include you being broken figuratively, if you are not careful of what you post and share on it.

The next time you’d be posting something on any of your social networking sites, think and ask yourself if it’s something that you’d want yourself to see on the next five years, if it’s something that would harm anyone or hurt them.

Social networking sites are meant for us to share the things that we want freely. But always remember that freedom itself imposes a responsibility on us. We are responsible for our own image and the only way for us to be free from any future worries is to be smart.


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