Life & Ley: The Gadget-holic Century

The Gadget-holic Century


Gadget-holic, is a term, according to the ( as ‘A person who cannot function without an electronic gadget, as a smart phone, net book, iPad, or some other e-Devices.’ Why does gadget play an important role in our lives today?

From the never-ending war of who is better among the most well known gadget provider these days, to the craze that it has brought into the public. It is for a fact that gadgets are now considered as ‘a must have’ by everyone in the world. Who in the world does not have a cell phone? A simple gadget in which the idea, was taken from the need of providing communication, whether in a long distance or not.

The cell phone evolution tremendously changed from providing a simple need and challenged developers into making it a want. Phones with music, games, applications, and other features have been developed over the time, from infrared to Bluetooth and Wi-fi, everything keeps on getting better.

Cell phones, tablets, radio and music players, computer games, portable playing gadgets and a lot more: as the world advances, the need to change from one gadget to another rapidly changes and often it results to addiction, especially for most of children under eighteen.

Addiction, which results into a poor performance in academics, unhealthy habit of sleeping, eating and worst, over-fatigue. These are just some of the consequences gadget addiction has brought us yet here we are, still blinded and protected with our own personal bias over them.

Gadgets’ importance has tremendously changed over the years and is now considered as something that a human being cannot live without. Now, it seems like we have let the technological advancement affect the way we live our lives. Now, we do not control them but it is them that control us.

Why does gadget play an important role in our daily life? Well, people tend to be fed up with doing things over and over, especially doing it manually that we have made use of the advancement on technology in order to make everything easier. That is why convenience is something that surely buys whenever a gadget is presented and introduced in the market. It is the convenience of having many features in one that tickles the public on buying the gadget.

Why do people buy a gadget? Gadget is associated with the capacity of knowledge. Of course, when you use different gadgets, you will know different things others don’t. You’ll be exposed to media and social media more. Another is the capacity to buy; status symbol. You wouldn’t see a poor man on the street using an iPad would you? Well, the main reason of buying an iPad is to show the people you can afford it, right? That’s why it has been associated with a person’s buying capability ever since.

And for me, it boosts a person’s self esteem. When you are capable of buying, it makes you feel good. That is why people tend not to be satisfied with what they have and instead try to look for a better one. That is why the never-ending saga of iPhone still makes it huge to the public because for as long as there is something new, people will go crazy and patronize it. Brand is also considered a huge factor in buying gadgets.

The reality is that there will come a time where everything that we do depends on gadgets and technology. The sad part may be that we can’t do anything about it. But the point is, we have a choice of either letting technology control us or we control them.

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