Life & Ley: Fad and Fabulous!

Fad and Fabulous


From one to the other, it seems like the market is changing its taste fast. That is why businesses have to rapidly make things work in order to satisfy the growing needs of its consumers.

One of the fast growing businesses these days are the so called ‘fad’ businesses. Most of the people patronize these businesses because of popularity and of course, name or brand. I will not be mentioning specific businesses or brands, but things like milk-teas, katsu houses; dessert-houses, donuts craze, coffees & frappes, trendy fashion clothing, and accessories are just some.

Why do people fall for fad products? Because of the fast growing market, people tend to feel left out whenever something new comes along. The urge to follow the trend, the feeling of being able to buy talked-about things from food to fashion and so on, and the ability to follow the latest trend these days. These are just some of the main reasons why fad businesses are booming rapidly today.

People these days are conscious of what to buy and where to buy it. Even though they wouldn’t admit, they are involuntarily thinking of something good to buy every now and then. The ability to purchase something you want makes good impressions about yourself and it actually makes you feel better.

They say some of the trends that will never get out of style are the Fs: Food, Fashion and Fad. Of course the fad itself can already contain food and fashion.  Fad is something that is temporary. That is one of the highlights that I would want to point out through this article. Fad is defined as a behavior formed or developed from a large group of people followed with enthusiasm for some period of time. But the behavior will fade once the perception of novelty is gone.

Fad, in Layman’s term is simply a craze. When people see others talking about this or talking about that, that is the time where their curiosity triggers. That is the time when they try if for them and followed by other people and so on. But in every business, there is what you call the ‘declining stage’ in a product life cycle.

There will come a time where the fad today would only be something remembered tomorrow. Once that the people get used to it, they tend to find something new that would follow another new trend and create new fad businesses. Of course, the good side of it is that people will patronize something that is of brand and quality. People will always look for the latest fad and purchase them because that is how fad goes.

Fad will always be fabulous to everyone who can afford them. And in order for a fad to sustain in the industry, either they develop the old one into something that will look new or create a new one. But the reality is that the market will not adjust for you.


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