Life & Ley: Entrepreneurship, why study it?

Entrepreneurship, why study it?

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Everyone is wondering, from my colleagues to family members and relatives, and even with job interviews, they often ask me why I took up entrepreneurship. Many say that it is one of the easiest programs since you don’t really need proper education in opening up a business. Well, I don’t think they get the real essence of entrepreneurship at all.

First, I would like to clarify that entrepreneurs are different from businessmen. The latter sells a product while the former creates one. The latter uses an existing product and shifts from one product to another when necessary, while the former innovates a product and prolongs it through another innovation when patronage from the market starts to decline. Although both of them are associated with selling and creating jobs, entrepreneurs gives more planning and creativity in order to make the impossible, possible.

Entrepreneurship is not something that stops as soon as you graduate. Unlike the other programs, where you’d find and tell yourselves ‘mission accomplished‘ when you’ve passed through it and you graduate, entrepreneurship is a program for life. It is a long-time career path where the college only molds people who wants to be the ‘future leaders’, but the real learning is only applied after college. The passion to be an entrepreneur begins after you graduate because that is the only time where you get to see where you want to be.

In entrepreneurship, you will always be a student because you never stop learning new things. I believe what I learned most during college is the essence of knowing opportunities and not only grabbing them but also to put them into good use. These things just cannot be learned from books, but from the experiences you encounter every day. I learned so many things from being an entrepreneurship student that made me stronger and wiser. I experienced things I never thought I am capable of doing and they are something that I am always proud of that I was not mistaken when I chose the program.

Maybe entrepreneurship is not a career-oriented program with board exams, because it is a future-oriented program. You cannot change the fact that entrepreneurs run the top companies today and entrepreneurs hire you. Entrepreneurs do not prioritize on being the topnotch of the board simply because they prioritize on giving employment to well-deserved people who topped the board exams. 

For those who say it is easy, you just have to try it and see for yourself how hard it is to make the future. And to all entrepreneurship students, thank you. Because I know that someday one of you will rise again and show the world how important entrepreneurship is, you will prove everyone who told you that ‘entrepreneurship is an easy program’ wrong because you will change the world. 


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