The Red Journey: Memories

Chapter Eight: Memories


As I took off the red toga as I was about to go out of the PICC, everything felt different. I recalled the first time I walked into the Red Den, home of the Red Lions, nervous of what this institution might bring me and result me into… now, I say, that I have never been more proud of what this institution has brought me: honour and glory of being a red-blooded Bedan.

As I write this last chapter of the Red Journey, I read again all the past seven articles that made me come up with this one right now… Everything is just a memory now, treasured and written as I write this article four months after graduating. Well, as a career path, right now I work with our family corporation, but I would be joining the corporate world as soon as I find the right job for me. I am also working as a freelance writer, as what I am doing right now. Two years from now I’ll be pursuing my MBA and in the near future, I’ll open my own business which I’ll first keep a secret for now.

All of the short and long term goals have been set. But one thing is for sure: I will not let anything stop me from achieving my goals. I know an opportunity when I see one but I also know if that one is for me or not. At the end of the day, what is left are all of the memories I had from grade school, high school and the most significant one, my college life.

Grade school taught me to be brave. High School taught me to be smart. But college taught me to be Witty. College taught me that knowledge can be learned from almost anything, from reading to talking but it takes wisdom to think well and know what you do not know. My academic years have taught me to be the best that I can be and never to be afraid to show what I got. And right now, I am no longer a student but a student of life. I am not studying anymore but it does not stop me from learning from life experiences.

Knowledge keeps on coming but wisdom continues to grow. That is how it should be, for me. Never be afraid of learning from something new and taking your chances because life is something that is continuing everyday to make yourself better and better each day.

All the memories we had, shared, from my friends, colleagues, family and loved ones, everything. At some point in our lives, what is left will be nothing but memories. It is as important as knowing what you know because it’s something that keeps a person alive. Life without a memory, no matter how good or bad it is, is futile. Memories make us grow, it makes us strong, it makes us happy, and it makes us learn.

Thank you for the memories, college. To all the professors and faculty members, thank you for filling my life with the colour Red. Thank you for giving me the ability to make myself stand out from the rest. And thank you for making me become closer to God.

Thank you to my Orange family. For the continuous happiness, laughter and joyous moments we have shared with. For every little fight we had that made us grow. For the never-ending food trips to movie dates and buffet dinners, for the sisterly-advices you give, for the never-ending friendship.

Thank you to my ManSoc family. For the trust you gave me as your secretary general, for the responsibility that we have accomplished. For every ManSoc’s event success; For our great bonding. Thank you for letting me serve you and I hope I did well.

My college and life has been filled with memories, and even though I had some bad ones, it turned out well at the end. As a conclusion for my Red Journey, I am proud to have studied at San Beda College, I am proud to have taken BS Entrepreneurship, I am proud to be part of Management and Entrepreneurship Society. I am proud to have completed my Dean’s List, part of Annual Honour and other awards. In short, my Red Journey is just perfect as I wanted it to be.

And my Red Journey ends right here. Or maybe not?


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