The Red Journey: Senior Days

Chapter Seven: Senior Days


From our freshmen times, Sophomore Year, Junior Months, and now, Senior Days, things seem to feel like shorter as we almost reach the end of our college journey. We began to tell stories of how we were, and it seemed just like yesterday. All of the things that we have been through at college, whether good or bad, will all just become memories.

It is but this time that I realized how ending brings both happiness and sadness together at the same time, oh how I hate thinking of endings… I even remembered how we parted ways during high school, and the same thing goes for college. But this time, I did not only felt happy and sad, I found myself more nervous. Because right now, everything is happening so fast and as soon as I graduate college, there goes reality. And right up to this moment, I have not yet finalized what I want to do after college.

As we go through our last chapter of our college life, everything turned out great for me. I maintained my academic standing, was able to be part of the executive board of our organization, and was able to handle our business implementation well. It was a year of greatness as everything seems to straighten my way out through the gates of San Beda, where I know I’d be walking away from once I graduate, as a part of its tradition of course.

There were so many things that happened on our senior year that makes it difficult for me to tell each one of it. All I can say is that this was the time that I was able to live the college life I have always thought of. Got to enjoy lunch and dinner outs with my Orange Family (what my friends and I call our group), ManSoc Family and of course my very own social life. This was the time where I grew most and every feeling was worth it.

Years seemed like months and months seemed like days, as everything shortens to our way on wearing that red toga, everything just started to sync into my mind of where it is heading. We are almost done with the four years of learning on how to live the corporate life. The school’s training and honing has finally paved its way into the reality. We are leaving San Beda soon.

As we began to post the picture we had from our graduation photo shoot, RED togas started to fill up my Facebook timeline months before the most awaited day for all graduating students. And as most of them had so many captions from what they feel, thanking their parents, friends and everyone who has been a part of their college life. And I don’t know why my caption was different, mine says: “Four years of honing and we are now ready for the real world. Thank you San Beda College.”

Pretty short, huh? Maybe because I don’t want to over-act things: I just wanted to show my appreciation to the institution which brought me up into my fullest potential and made me a better person. And by that, it includes the professors and everyone I should be thankful for. Simple as that I think.

Fast forward, my last year stay at college made me realize that I was not getting any younger, I am not the ‘student’ that I was before. Everything was rapidly changing and I’m just thankful because I was able to cope up with that rapid change which made me almost gave up.

Fourth year… well, we had by the hardest courses academically speaking, because all eight courses were majors. And not to mention we had the most crucial course the Business Implementation where we get to really operate our Business (Cheetorique Grilling Station), and the ever mind-excruciating subject Strategic Management, which at the end helped me in thinking like an entrepreneur, strategically.

Of course, we also had some of the memorable going outs with my loved ones, eating buffet, going at the Ocean Park Manila, eating again, and again and again… Oh, I am so going to miss college!

March was one of the best months not only for my academics but also for the organization I have exerted my whole life in college with: to the organization that became a part of my life and have dedicated all of my perfectionism into: the Management and Entrepreneurship Society. During the Night of Recognition and Thanksgiving of San Beda College, the organization won seven awards, and was awarded as the over-all best organization. A legacy that we, once again, have left, since it was a three-peat status that has been lived upon by the organization.

It was also sometime in March when we got our togas. Honestly, it was the day I felt that I am not ready; just a few days before graduation. Well, maybe I am not, not ready. Maybe I was just nervous because I don’t know where this was heading, but it happened. As we walked away from the historical gates of San Beda near our Abbey Church, during the baccalaureate mass, a day before the actual commencement exercise, we were all bidding our farewells to each other, saying that this won’t stop our friendship, and that we should always keep in touch and etcetera.

The Mass was followed by the awarding ceremonies, where I was awarded by our Department the ‘Departmental Leadership Excellence Award’ and the last Two Dean’s List Certificates which completed my eight dean’s list awards from first to fourth year plus two more for my two time being in the annual honour.

The next day, as I was accompanied with my ever-loving brother to the PICC, where the commencement exercises will be held, everything seemed like in slow-motion, all happening in my head. From the moment I stepped out of the car and walked inside, from wearing the toga and having pictures with my friends, it’s something that I cannot really explain. The moment I stepped into the stage to get my diploma, it was just breathtaking. Everyone seemed to be the happiest that day, including their parents, relatives and loved ones who were just so proud. It was the best time of the year for the entire batch 2013 newly graduated Bedans.

Well, it has been a really great journey that I personally find fruitful and meaningful. As I walked out of the PICC, I was already a Bedan Alumnus, just like my grandfather. Every step was magical, every sound was music to my ears, the laughter, the joyous moments and the challenges accomplished. Truly, college is something that one will never forget. Because it’s the time where we wake up: from being a student to young professionals, from being just a simple person, to the richest entrepreneur, someday, someday…

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