The Red Journey: Responsibility

Chapter Six: Responsibility


Three years of college made me learn the real meaning of responsibility. From its own root word, ‘response’ and ‘ability’ from ‘able’, you must be able to respond from everything that is given to you, be it in family, friends, academics, organizations, teamwork and so on. You must always know how to do your part.

All this time, I misinterpreted ‘responsibility’ as a bureaucratic way of doing what is required, even when you do not really want to do it. All those years that kept me worried every time a responsibility rises, were all a waste of my time. The reality thought me that responsibility is a matter of selflessness.

Oftentimes we think of responsibility as a means of doing what others expect us to do but what we are not able to realize is the trust that these people put in us which makes them believe we can do that responsibility. When people trust you, it is one of the best feelings knowing that they see the potential in you.

Life at college made me become more responsible, even more than I thought I already was. From doing leadership positions to having been able to impress professors by a good scholastic performance, being good at sports, or even sharing joyous moments with your friends, you are putting your passion towards something, and that is one essence of responsibility. You are being selfless of making not only yourself but also others proud of you.

As I go back to my three year stay in college, I remember all the things I was before and the thing I am right now. Knowing the essence of responsibility opened a lot of opportunities for me. And as I enter my last chapter in college, I know with all of the things I have learned and experienced, I will be able to change not only myself but also others for better.

Hello senior year! Please, pretty please, be good to me… I am ready.


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