The Red Journey: Junior Months

Chapter 5: Junior Months


We’re officially Juniors!” as my friends and I excitedly said those phrases on the first day of third year college class, I began to realize how rapid time gets, especially when you have just began a journey of finding who you want to be, in my case. I realized that months from now, we’ll be graduating, if we pass the most crucial part of our college life I guess.

Well, answering my own questions in mind for myself, months would seem like a long time… especially considering the fact that it’s going to be a hard journey for us entrepreneurship students. I mean, there would still be business plan writing where the roots of our being ‘entrepreneurship students’ will come from.

In every business, there should always be a business plan written before hand, carefully written and well- detailed, that’s how you build an imagination, that is how you create the business of your dreams, planning is a crucial stage for every business enthusiasts, that is why proper business planning should be executed. As for our program, the five-chaptered plan consist of the Marketing, Production, Financial, Operations and the Social Inoculation and since this is not a business plan 101 class, you’d just have to figure them out through the help of Google.

The thing is, in order for us to advance and be a senior; we need to write a successful business plan, where we would be having an oral defence at the end of the semester with a group of panellists consisting of young and experienced professionals on their own field. They will decide whether you pass.

This has been one of the most memorable years because this year was also the time I joined ManSoc and was an active (or should I say very active) member of the organization. I never thought that I’d put my “O.C.-ness” into a good place with this organization. I handled files and wrote statistical interpretations for the annual reports, and I rocked it.

I also had an opportunity to help participate and actually handle some good and big events for the organization which made me grow a lot as a person and as a student leader. I was able to balance academics and extra-curricular activities well in the end, and I’m just so happy because all of the efforts I exerted were really worth it.

After a huge success on our organization, my group mates and I were also able to successfully defend our paper, which means, yes, we are now advancing to the next level, where reality gets hardcore with entrepreneurship. But hey, I’ve been doing good and I never thought I’d get this far, but I did so there’s just no stopping me from doing what I do best, the Harley way.

In the end, my junior months have been memorable since there were a lot of firsts, and one major first for me was the time I had my internship with an international company with my good friend Belle. We met some co-intern and actually became good friends with them, I get to experience corporate world for the first time, and I enjoyed every single of it.

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