The Red Journey: Leadership

Chapter Four: Leadership

Leadership Road Sign

Leadership is something that is not inborn but can be developed. As a person grows, he begins to develop the leadership within him, and only those lucky ones can prove themselves worthy of being a leader through series of action and of course, a great outcome.

During my high school days, I experienced being the class president, treasurer, secretary and a batch representative in the student council. Either how big or small the responsibility is, it has proven my leadership potential and at the end of the day, I am always thankful to all who trusted and believed in me.

Like what Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Leadership has always been associated with power. When you are the leader, you have the power over your colleagues and subordinates. But, it does not change the fact that you have to be responsible for every action and decision that you make.

High school helped me see the leader in me. It made me realize that you do not have to be the best in academics to be a great leader because all you need is the determination and hard work. All those things that have put their trust in me are something that I’ll always take care of, treasure and love.

And as I end my second year college, I now have to make a decision whether I should carry on and be a simple student, or let them see how I am capable of being a leader. A big decision that took me two years (of my college life). Because since first year, I have always wanted to show them what I got.

And yes, finally, I decided to have myself screened for a position in our professional organization at school, the Management and Entrepreneurship Society, who has always known for being the best and number one organization in the college.

Boy I was so nervous, not because of the interview but because of the outcome it might result into that might actually affect my studies. During that time, my four-time Dean’s List and an Annual Honour was in stake. “But what the hell, I’m going to get through this and I know that I will prove it to myself.”

Well, as a result, after two successful years in college, I am now officially a Junior. Third year means more excruciating works and not to mention our business plan writing and its stressful defence, and where everyone says that it is the “hardest” point of college (in academics), that’s where I decided to keep myself busy in ManSoc as the records and invitations committee vice chairperson, yey me!!

Well, third year, here goes nothing…


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